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Divorce parties have recently captured the public's attention. Now, divorce ceremonies are becoming part of the closure process for many couples getting a cheap uncontested divorce. Divorce ceremonies are now an alternative way for couples to end their marriage and help them move onto the next phase in their lives. The money saved getting a cheap divorce can be used to help heal and even celebrate the beginning of a new life.

Individuals are now searching for rituals to help them move on from their anger and pain into a healthier lifestyle. Uncontested divorces no longer have to carrying on a lifetime of resentments and toxic emotions, which can leave a person paralyzed in an unhealthy emotional state. The tide of public opinion is changing, and getting an uncontested divorce is no longer necessarily equated with failure. Divorce can be a learning and sometimes spiritual phase in someone's life, too.

Divorce ceremonies have been equated to funerals or memorials, where the couple and their families have an opportunity to grieve the passing of the marriage. There is no standard way of carrying out a divorce ceremony; each divorcing couple creates something which is personal and meaningful. Some couples have incorporated the ring coffin into their divorce ceremony.

Divorce ceremonies can be a healing experience for entire families. Children will have an opportunity to acknowledge the uncontested divorce and possibly express their emotional concerns and hopes. The ritual of the ceremony not only helps with acceptance, but demonstrates a level of respect between the parents.

There have been some religious options available for couples seeking an uncontested divorce ceremony. In Judaism, there is the process of the get (divorce document) which has been traditionally presented from the husband to the wife. There is a list of formalities which must be followed for the get to be valid.

Unitarian Universalists have a divorce ceremony called the Ceremony of Hope. This ceremony is more personal than a wedding with friends, family and the minister. The ceremony is an acknowledgement of not only the ending of the relationship, but the tough emotions that come with divorce. The occasion is based on hope and mutual respect as the individuals enter a new phase of their lives.

Divorce ceremonies are different from divorce parties. An uncontested divorce ceremony allows for greater healing and tends to have a deeper emotional and spiritual meaning. Uncontested divorce parties are an opportunity to let your hair down and tend to be more festive. Don't worry, in case you are wondering there are divorced individuals which have both the ceremony and party on different days.

Please note that divorce ceremonies and divorce parties do not legally end a marriage. A legal divorce petition must be filed and processed to officially dissolve a marriage in the state of Pennsylvania.

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