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Beauty queen Katrina Jayne Rivera Dimaranan has publicly voiced her opinion about divorce. The 2012 winner of the Miss Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2012 stated that divorce should be legal in the Philippines, a country which currently does not legally allow for divorce.

As the Pilipina beauty pageant reaches its fifth anniversary this year, women are demonstrating that they are more than their physical beauty, but also have brains. Past winners are now giving their personal opinions not just on divorce, but also on abortion. Headstart, a news show, recently interviewed Dimaranan and two other beauty queens where they expressed their social views.

Dimaranan was born in the Phillippines, but grew up in the United States. Some say they are not surprised by her second-generation ideas. The Philippines has been a devout catholic country were divorce has been strictly forbidden.

Conservatives have stated that allowing divorce will create a domino effect of promiscuity. They believe that divorce will be the gateway to teenage pregnancy, abortions, sex education in schools, bolster HIV/AIDS and leading to the use of condoms. Catholic bishops have stated that they will be more involved in the election of up-right candidates for their country.

In desperation, some individuals have abandoned their spouse. This leaves both parties in a difficult situation, especially since neither one will be permitted to remarry. Also, the lower income earner may find him or herself in sudden financial jeopardy.

A bill was filed in the Philippine House of Reprentatives to allow for divorce under strict circumstances. Speculation is that it may be addressed this coming July, although the bill was introduced back in 2010. Concerns for not allowing for divorce in the Philippines include domestic violence and abuse.

Should the bill be passed it will make divorce difficult. Uncontested divorce will still not be permitted. With only contested divorce accepted, the accuser would have to prove his or her reason for wanting divorce. Some of the acceptable reasons under this bill include: psychological inability to fulfill marital roles and responsibilities. The couple must have been legally separated for at least two years.

Annulment is a possibility for couples who no longer wish to be married. The annulment voids the marriage, as if the marriage never happened. There are several issues that can arise from an annulment such as alimony and marital assets. There can be little or no recourse in this type of situation.

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