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Trusted Family Law Services in Erie for Over 28 Years

Family law cases are emotional and complex, but our firm can help streamline the process and provide you with knowledgeable legal guidance. Our internet-based divorce service mean that you do not have to take time out of your busy life to travel to law offices or court rooms. 

Our strong focus on no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania means that we cannot assist you in every area of family law, such as custody battles or locating your spouse, but we will provide you with excellent legal guidance in all of our offered services.

The Cairns Method of Obtaining an Internet-Based Divorce℠ is the best option for your situation if you are seeking a quick, low-fee divorce with an experienced family law attorney

We understand that you simply want to move forward and have a fresh start, and Attorney Cairns has assisted clients like you for over 28 years. Our fees are listed up front, so that you don't have to worry about hidden fees, and because we want to be available when you are, we offer evening and weekend phone consultations. If you are looking for a convenient, affordable, internet-based divorce, do not hesitate to contact the firm today!

Understanding No-Fault Divorce in Erie, PA

We understand how difficult divorce can be on your family, which is why the Cairns Law Offices is dedicated to providing you with fast, premium divorce services. Our firm uses the latest in document preparation software to ensure that your documents are 100% accurate. This saves time by eliminating the chance of human error- the information you submit is precisely what will appear on your legal documents.

Is PA a 50/50 State in Divorce?

Pennsylvania is not a 50/50 state for dividing marital assets in divorce. It follows equitable distribution, meaning property is split relatively based on specific factors like length of marriage, earning capacity, and contributions to marital assets. A family law attorney can help determine a fair outcome in your PA divorce.

What Are Fathers Custody Rights in PA?

In Pennsylvania, fathers have the right to see their children. They can request physical custody or visitation rights from the court.

It can be incredibly frustrating to be left in the dark during your family law proceedings, but if you use a Pennsylvania family lawyer from our firm to obtain a no-fault divorce, you will know what is happening at each step of the process. 

We send our clients regular updates so that they never have to wonder about the status of their case, and if you call our offices you will hear back the very same day.

Get Help from Our Erie Family Law Attorneys Today for Personalized Solutions to Your Legal Needs.

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Reviews & Testimonials

At Cairns Law Offices, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our clients have to say about working with us.

    "Everything was easy"
    "Everything was easy and laid out to the point. Corrections were simple and done fast."
    - Former Client
    "They were efficient and affordable."
    "They were efficient and affordable."
    - H. Gillian
    "I was concerned at first with doing a divorce online but...your end went through without a hitch!"
    "Once I got my end done, your end went through without a hitch!! It was great! Thanks again!!"
    - R. Herron
    "Everything was great fast and easy!"
    "Everything was great fast and easy. Just a couple trips to the local notary. "
    - B. Frey
    "The prices are great, and instructions were very simple to follow!"
    You have a wonderful and effective system. My divorce couldn't have been any easier, thanks to the law firm.
    - N. Patton
    "Very Happy With Process"
    I am very happy with how the process went and if I would have known it was this easy, I would have been divorced years ago!
    - S. Latham
    "Everything Was Great"
    You did everything great! Keep the good work up!
    - B. Schmidt
    "Highly Recommend"
    Very easy process helped me with all my questions with quick responses!
    - S. Shulla