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  • Marital Property in Pennsylvania
    Marital Property in Pennsylvania

    If you are on the brink of divorce in Pennsylvania, you may be wondering, “What counts as marital property? What property is subject to division?” Under the Divorce Code, all property acquired during ...

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  • Why Choose an Uncontested Divorce
    Why Choose an Uncontested Divorce

    Some divorces are settled out of court. Others are settled in court and decided by a judge who does not know the couple personally. The first type is called an uncontested divorce. The second is a ...

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  • Modifying a Parenting Plan
    Modifying a Parenting Plan

    If you are a parent of minor children who is headed towards divorce , you and your spouse are going to need to create a Parenting Plan. Your plan will detail legal custody and physical custody , and ...

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  • Parental Relocation After the Divorce
    Parental Relocation After the Divorce

    Are you headed towards divorce ? If so, we want to warn you that things are going to change. Two or three years after the divorce, things are probably going to look very different. One of you may ...

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