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Cairns Law Offices - Not a Kit/Form Company

Cairns Law Offices represents you in a court of law. We do not send you fill-in-the blank forms and tell you to do the rest, or sell you a kit that might or might not work. We are your law firm, and we prepare and file all of your divorce paperwork with the Court for you. Our fee includes court costs.

So, why not use one of the kit or forms companies? In short, they may not always work. If they do work, then once you've paid for the forms, you'll need to pay for court costs, which vary widely in Pennsylvania. Then, you'll need to file the right paperwork at the right time, serve the proper paperwork upon your spouse, assure that everything is signed properly, and tie up any loose ends in the allotted time. It is important to remember that every county has its own filing rules and requirements. If you do not follow those rules, then you could face time delays and higher court costs as a result.

Can you be sure that your form company knows all of the county rules? Will they be there for you if the Court rejects your filings? Most form companies are not licensed attorneys and are not required to stand behind their work as an attorney is required to do. We developed our process to save you the time, money, and aggravation at this difficult time in your life. Simply put, we do the work so you can rest assured that the process is as simple, easy, and inexpensive as possible.

Cairns Law Offices is not a form company. If you find a law firm who handles simple, uncontested, no-fault divorces better for less, please contact us today.

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