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FAQ: What If We Own Property Or We Have Debt?

Many people think that if they own a lot of property or have a lot of debt, that they need a high priced attorney to sort those things out. If you and your spouse are in agreement regarding the property division, we are able to prepare a marital settlement agreement for you. If you have joint debt, you should also consider having a settlement agreement prepared.

A settlement agreement is only between the two of you. If your spouse agrees to pay the mortgage and your name is still on the loan, the bank can come after you if that mortgage is not paid. We recommend that people who have debt together refinance separately if they can so the other person's name is removed from the obligation.

If you own real estate and need the person's name removed from the deed, we can help.. Removing a name from a deed does not excuse that person from the responsibility of the loan if their name is on the loan.

Many of the people we represent just want to leave the marriage with the property and debt they brought to the marriage. No matter how much property or debt you have, if you are in agreement, you do not need a high priced attorney to handle your divorce.

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