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Property Division in Pennsylvania

Dividing Property Following Your DivorceProperty Division Contract

When obtaining an uncontested, no-fault divorce, it is up to the divorcing spouses to determine how their property should be divided. You and your spouse may decide to split everything fairly or perhaps each take what was yours before the marriage, and divide the things that were acquired during the union. Whatever you choose to do, our experienced law firm can prepare a settlement agreement according to the wishes of you and your spouse. A settlement agreement is a legal document that specifies what will happen to your shared property after your divorce is finalized. By having a settlement agreement in place, you eliminate the risk of conflict from misunderstanding or miscommunication about who owns what property. We can prepare your property division agreement before, during, or after the divorce is complete.

Property Division & Real Estate Deeds in No-Fault Divorces

If you and your spouse would like to have a property division agreement prepared to make your Pennsylvania no-fault divorce even easier, contact the Cairns Law Offices. Our firm focuses on helping clients obtain fast and affordable divorces, and we can also prepare settlement documents for your child custody or debt division agreements. If you need to have your spouse's name removed from a real estate deed, our team can provide that service for only $150. We think that every client should receive premium legal representation without premium fees, which is why we created The Cairns Method of Obtaining an Internet-Based Divorce℠.

Dividing Assets & Debt Through PA Online Divorce

Our internet-based uncontested divorce system enables our clients to submit their Divorce Intake Form and receive signature-ready documents within one day. We do not believe our clients should have to wait weeks for their divorce information to be processed. We employ a one-day processing method, so that each step of your divorce is processed as fast as possible. If you need more than one settlement agreement prepared, you will not have to wait longer or pay extra fees.

We are committed to providing you with honest service, and we list all of our fees up front. You do not need to hire a pricey law firm to handle your property division agreement. Our experienced and knowledgeable family law firm will prepare a professional legal document for you fast, so that you can begin your new life even sooner. Please call our offices and schedule a free consultation with a Pennsylvania property division lawyer.

If you are wondering what to do if your name is on the deed of a property, but not the mortgage, read our blog post here!

Contact a Pennsylvania property division lawyer from our firm today for more information on property division & real estate deeds in a Pennsylvania no-fault divorce.

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