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Preparing Settlement Agreements in PA

What is a Property Settlement Agreement?

A settlement agreement is a legal agreement between the divorcing parties that determines what will happen to your children and any shared property once the divorce is finalized. A settlement agreement can be prepared before you file for divorce, during the proceedings, or after the divorce is finalized, but it is usually beneficial to write up the agreement as soon as possible.

writing a property settlement agreement

Life will be different once your divorce is finalized, but having a settlement agreement in place helps reduce frustration and conflict.

Our lawyers offer settlement agreement preparation as part of our services, and we will help you create a proposal to present to your spouse regarding your children and property. If your spouse does not agree to the proposal, an attorney from our firm will work with you until a settlement agreement is drawn up that both parties accept. Our firm serves clients who have already come to an agreement with their spouses regarding their children and we will help in whatever way possible as you attempt to tie up any loose ends in regards to your divorce process.

How a Pennsylvania Settlement Agreement Attorney Can Help

Even if you and your spouse have decided how your children will be cared for and who will retain certain properties, you will benefit from creating a legally-binding settlement agreement. The agreement eliminates misunderstandings and helps reduce potential conflict after the divorce is finalized. Settlement agreements are also helpful to prepare when a couple is legally separating, as these can be carried on after the divorce.

The Cairns Law Offices can make your uncontested, no-fault divorce even simpler by preparing a settlement agreement for you and your spouse. Our firm has been helping clients achieve fast and amicable divorces since 1995. Our founder, Attorney James Cairns personally understands what it is like to experience divorce, which is why he created a method that allows his clients to obtain uncontested divorces without spending any more time or money than necessary. You can experience premium legal counsel and divorce services without paying premium prices.

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