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Uncontested divorce brings an end to a significant part of an individual's life. In Pennsylvania and across the nation, newly divorced people search for ways to find closure and put their marriage behind them. Some have divorce ceremonies, others have a full blown out divorce party with along with a gift registry at their favorite store. Each culture around the world has and is developing their own way to deal with the end of a marriage.

The Jing people of China, also known as Gin, are a small ethnic minority who migrated to China from Vietnam several hundred years ago. This group has their unique way of dealing with divorce. Divorce documents must be drawn up outside the house. After the divorcing couple has signed the divorce certificate the pen and ink are thrown away. The items disposed of are considered to contain bad luck.

German bishop Margot Kaessmann has requested for churches to have ceremonies recognizing divorce. Though Kaessmann believes in the sanctity of marriage she also believes in the importance of letting God know when individuals have failed in life. She also stated that a closing ceremony would give the opportunity for children to know that their parents loved each other.

Kaessmann would like to see a two part divorce closing ceremony. During the first part, the divorcing couple would meet with a pastor and confesses their sins. In the second part, a Mass of Lament would take place in front of friends and family where the couple would tell why their marriage no longer is possible.

In the Gunma Prefecture of Japan, the Mantokuji Temple gives visitors a new way to move on with their lives. Visitors have the opportunity to get rid of bad divorce karma by writing it on a piece of paper and then literally flushing it down the toilet. A white toilet is designated for cutting ties. There is also a black toilet if you are trying to save your relationship.

Interestingly the Mantokuji Temple has a long history with couples and relationships. The temple was previously known as a divorce temple, one of two in the world. Women originally sought refugee in the temple to get a divorce from their husband and have legal protection.

Japan has had a surge in divorce ceremonies. The price tag has been around seven hundred dollars for the divorce ceremony. A daisy yellow dress was especially designed for the occasion. In Japanese culture, daisies signify an amicable relationship. The ceremony includes a smashing blow to their wedding rings, which some report to be cathartic.

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