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Now that you have signed your marital settlement agreement and have your divorce decree in hand it's time to start thinking about a possible divorce party. This is a wonderful opportunity to create new memories and have some fun! We have put together some ideas to get you started with your own uncontested divorce celebration.

Guest List

Think about friends and family who are supportive and fun. This could include people who have been divorced and understand what you are going through. Also, you might want to think about having a same sex party in order to have a buddies' night out. It's advisable NOT to include your children. This is an event to meet your needs – not your children's needs (and remember, your children love both of their parents). Another suggestion is NOT to invite people from your workplace. You don't need gossip spreading around while you are trying to get your job done. Don't be discouraged if some of you and your ex spouse's mutual friends don't show up. They may be still trying to figure out how to handle their friendship with both of you. By sending them an invite you are letting them know that it's ok to still be friends, but allow them to decline gracefully.


Seriously consider how you want to handle alcohol. If you believe excessive drinking will occur, think about having a possible sleep over – at your house or a hotel suite. This will help ensure that your guests won't be drinking and driving. Some individuals decide to have non-alcoholic beverages, especially if a guest may have an addiction problem. Others go the more moderate route and control alcohol intake by having their party during the work week, knowing everyone needs to control alcohol intake in order to make it to work the next day. If you are considering including alcohol you may want to consider visiting local vineyards, having your own wine/martini tasting, or hiring a limo to drive you and your friends to clubs. You can also create tailor-made drinks for the occasion with witty names or Google some creative drinks to try.

Places & Themes

If you are stuck on what kind of party you want or where to have it here are some suggestions to get your imagination going:

  1. Beach party;
  2. Bowling night;
  3. Golf outing;
  4. Spa day/weekend;
  5. Favorite restaurant;
  6. Make-over party. This could include clothes, make-up and/or hair; and
  7. Themes: places you want to travel to, favorite song, favorite movie, or something you want to do in the future.

Mostly importantly the party should reflect your personality, because it's all about you. This could mean anything from camping with your buddies to flying to the Bahamas for the weekend. Some hotels offer packages for divorce parties.

Visit our Tips and Hint list before planning your celebration. Please feel free to share what you did for your uncontested divorce party, below. We would love to hear your stories and our readers would be delighted to learn more ideas!

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