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Divorce parties are spreading worldwide. This type of celebration can be found as far as in the corners of Asia. With marriages having less than a fifty percent chance of succeeding the market is starting to grow with creative products for unbridled showers. We have some tips on do's and don'ts to get you started with your party planning.

Most individuals try to keep the celebration on a positive note (and sometimes even couples have the party together). The idea is to demonstrate love and support for the individual who has divorced versus bashing the ex spouse. This is a period of time when a divorced person is most likely feeling lonely and gifts and kind words and wishes from their friends and family are a great way to start making some fun new memories.

Some will recommend a burn session where items, such as photos, clothing, and furniture is burned during the party. We advise against the burning of such items, especially if you have children. These items may be something that your children will want later on and may traumatize them. Remember, kids love both of their parents regardless of who may be at fault.

The list of possibilities for creating an uncontested divorce party is virtually endless. You can get ideas from How-To Manuals and books, or hire a professional party planner. If you are looking for supplies or a professional divorce party planner, a search on the internet will bring up a variety of resources.

You may call your party by a variety of names. You don't have to announce to the world that it's an uncontested divorce party if you are not comfortable with stating it. Some other ways to name the celebration is to have a theme party which demonstrates a new beginning or you can just simply say it's a "boy's/girl's night out".

Sex can be a touchy subject during this transition for the newly divorced. Note to friends: It is not a good idea to try to play matchmaker and bring potential suitors or a one night stand. Remember this is an occasion which focuses on empowering the person, not creating an uncomfortable or potentially disastrous night.

Some Do's for an Uncontested Divorce Party

  1. Check with the newly divorced person to see what type of celebration s/he wants. Some want a quiet evening while others want a high energy night.
  2. Pick activities which empower the person.
  3. Remember the Laughter. Choose activities which are going to make the person laugh. Laughter is powerful in helping individuals release stress and heal from their internal wounds.

Some Don'ts for Uncontested Divorce Party

  1. Don't have the conversations center around the failed marriage. Keep the focus positive and how there are great things to come.
  2. Stay away from acts of revenge on the ex spouse. This includes silly pranks. The celebration should be about moving on and a new beginning.
  3. Be sensitive about photographs and videotaping. Check with the divorced person first. Some people will want to keep the event private and not have it splashed across social media.

Remember the uncontested divorce party should be light and rejuvenating. A newly divorced person has recently had a lot of negative memories and this is a great way to counter the tide of pain and start a healthy and happy new life.

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