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Summer break brings a welcome change of pace, but for co-parents, it can also introduce logistical challenges regarding child custody. In this article, we offer some tips that can help make the summer a smooth and enjoyable time for both children and parents.

Review & Discuss Existing Agreements

Before making any plans, revisit your current custody agreement. Does it address summer visitation schedules or offer guidelines for modifications? Discussing this upfront with your co-parent establishes a foundation for clear communication and avoids potential conflicts.

Prioritize Open Communication

Effective communication is key to successful co-parenting, especially during the potentially complex summer months. Discuss proposed activities, travel plans, and any changes to the regular schedule well in advance. Keeping each other informed fosters trust and reduces stress for everyone involved.

If a child spends the whole summer with one parent, you might also consider encouraging and/or facilitating your child talking to their other parent some time. Some custodial agreements outline whether a parent can communicate with a child via video or text and when during times they are with their co-parent.

Maintain Consistency & Routine (When Possible)

While summer allows for some deviation from the regular routine, maintaining a sense of normalcy can benefit children. Discuss ways to establish consistent bedtime schedules, mealtimes, and household rules during both parents' custodial periods.

Be Respectful & Avoid Conflict

Disagreements between co-parents are inevitable, but it's crucial to avoid involving children in adult issues. Maintain a respectful tone during communication, and if necessary, consider seeking mediation to resolve conflicts constructively.

Prepare for Transitions

Frequent changes in custody can be disruptive for children. To ease transitions, ensure clear communication with the other parent regarding pick-up and drop-off times, packing lists, and any important information about upcoming events or appointments.

Maintain Open Communication with the Child

Keep children informed about upcoming changes in the schedule and encourage them to express their feelings about any concerns they might have. Open communication allows you to address their anxieties and ensure a smoother summer experience.

Plan Fun Activities

Summer break is a time for relaxation and fun. Collaborate with your co-parent to brainstorm age-appropriate activities for your children during their time with each of you. Consider shared activities, like attending a family event or going on a joint outing, to create positive memories for everyone involved.

Custody Attorney for Uncontested, No-Fault Divorces

At Cairns Law Offices, we are dedicated to helping clients in obtaining uncontested, no-fault divorces, which means we do not engage in representing custody disputes, family court cases related to child custody, or efforts to avoid child support obligations in Pennsylvania. However, if you and your spouse have children and have already agreed upon a custody arrangement, we are equipped to manage your divorce proceedings.

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