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The ending of a marriage usually comes along with a marital settlement agreement which spells out the terms of the division of property This process can be painful since over the course of the marriage an individual can become attached to certain material items. Interestingly, divorced individuals have started to compensate for items rendered in their settlement agreements by having a form of celebration.

Recently "unbridled showers" have come into the spotlight and are quickly spreading across the country. The idea came from bridle showers and the celebration of a new life. Males and females are both sending out their own invites to the unbridled showers.

Divorced individuals quickly realize that they are missing some key essentials for daily living. This especially becomes apparent in the kitchen, the heart of the home. Items requested for an unbridled shower can include utensils, blender or an easy to follow recipe book.

The atmosphere during the party is intended to be light and a festive occasion. Yet, the needs are serious. It can be financially challenging for some individuals to replace many items from their previous marriage and with the help of some friends and family a person can get a more solid footing on a new life.

These divorce parties vary greatly and the individual has a lot of room to be creative. Some divorced couples even have the party together. Others want to keep it a private separate affair. Parties range from games which encourage laughter to a full blown fireworks display.

Ceremonies, such as a divorce ceremony, give people the opportunity to have their situation recognized and supported by a community. This could be as a simple get-together with a community of friends, to different rituals and ceremonies to signify the importance of the event. They also define and give meaning to the existence of a person. Often ceremonies demonstrate the beginning of something: a wedding, the Olympic games or a birth of a child. Society is starting to understand the need to celebrate the beginning of a new path in life as the stigma of divorce becomes a thing of the past.

A quick search on the internet will give you some book titles if you are not sure where to begin. These books include How to Throw A Divorce Party and The Divorce Party Planner: how to throw a divorce or break-up party.

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