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Soon to be divorced couples often ask how do they know if they can get a simple, uncontested, no-fault Pennsylvania uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is appropriate when both parties have decided that they can work together to dissolve their marriage without engaging in a high drama divorce in a series of court battles. The couple understands that it is no longer in their best interest to continue the marriage and want to focus on the transition being as healthy as possible for the entire family.

The goal is to help the couple and family transition into a restructured family with minimum impact. Couples understand that a contested divorce leaves them at the mercy of the legal system. Instead of a losing situation where the divorcing couple fights it out in court, couples look to create as much of a win/win situation as possible. This means that they are willing to participate in their own marital settlement agreement, and are looking at how to have the best quality of life standard as soon as possible.

An uncontested divorce gives couples the opportunity to empower themselves and create “life after divorce” options for themselves, instead of having a judge dictate the terms of property settlement, child custody, and alimony. In addition, a marital settlement agreement can spell out the needs of the children and put them first instead of creating more tension by putting them in a middle of a contested divorce. This method of divorce helps minimize trauma to not only the divorcing couple, but all parties affected by the divorce such as children, grandparents and even pets.

A marital settlement agreement can meet the needs of the whole family. This opportunity to co-parent in a peaceful manner minimizes stress and anxiety and is a cost-effective way to continue and promote healthy relationships. With a marital settlement agreement signed by both parties, couple will lessen the probability of unilateral decisions made by one party and work together to manage issues that affect their children.

More and more couples are looking to divorce respectfully and more affordably. Current models include Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reaching a martial settlement agreement within two weeks, and Stevie Wonder who quickly took financial responsibility by offering child and spousal support at the time he filed for divorce.

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