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Stevie Wonder, child prodigy and music legendary, has filed for divorce against Kai Millard Morris. After two years of separation, Wonder signed the divorce papers with two fingerprints officially starting the end to an eleven year marriage. He stated the reason being is irreconcilable differences and wishes to keep the matter discreet.

Wonder is asking for joint custody of his two sons Mandla, seven years old, and Kailand, ten years old. It is reported that he has a total of seven children from his relationships and marriage, and that he had children with two other women. Having grown up in a single parent household Wonder understands the importance of continuing a relationship with his children.

At age sixty-two Wonder looks like he is going to try for a settlement agreement. He has already stated that he would pay for child-support and spousal support, though he had established his fortune before he married Morris. The amount has yet to be determined, but it appears that Wonder is looking for an uncontested divorce. Maybe Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are setting a new precedent for Hollywood divorces and getting to a marital settlement agreement quickly without giving much fodder to the tabloids.

When Wonder was eleven years old he signed a contract with Motown and continues to record and perform for them. His accomplishments include: twenty-two Grammys, over thirty top ten hits, 1980 campaign to make Martin Luther King Day a national holiday and United Nations Messenger of Peace. Wonder has been extremely active during his career and this past June he performed for HM Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Buckingham Palace.

This prominent figure shows no sign of slowing down his many contributions to the music world as he continues to publicly perform. A martial settlement agreement will allow him to have minimal interruption in his career and spare him the publicity of a court battle.

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