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Dear Clients and Readers,

This is our 100th blog on simple, no fault, uncontested Pennsylvania Divorces. I have written these blogs with you in mind, and by remembering what I went through in my own divorce process. Thank you for being part of the success of the pioneering work of eDivorce. Your support and feedback have been instrumental in keeping the uncontested divorces of the Cairns Law Offices fast, easy and affordable.

Since the inception of the blog we have covered a variety of topics. We have covered everyday questions such as What is an Uncontested Divorce and How to Start the Divorce Process Our legal blog has shared vital information about items of concern which may appear during an uncontested divorce: How to Tell Kids About Divorce, How to Budget for Divorce, Protect Finances During Divorce and Can I Get Military Retirement Pay After Divorce Also, we have shared information on social issues which may arise during an uncontested divorce: How to Overcome Divorce Insecurities and Stress to How to Deal with Post Divorce Guilt.

In addition to the free questionnaire we offer for martial settlement agreements we have written several blogs to assist you through the process of working out your own marital settlement agreement. Some of these blogs include:

  1. How Marital Agreements Save You Money;
  2. Marital Property and Marital Settlement Agreements;
  3. Marital Settlement Agreements Help With the New School Year;
  4. The Risks of Not Having a Marital Settlement Agreement;
  5. How to Include Grandparents in a Settlement Agreement; and
  6. Who Gets the Dog? Marital Settlement Agreements and Pets.

We appreciate you choosing the Cairns Law Offices to handle your uncontested divorce. One of the ways we are happy to say thank you is by including subjects in our blog which may help you as you move through your post divorce life. Recently we wrote a three part series on the meaning of celebration and having a divorce party. Some of other blogs on moving through post divorce life include:

  1. Life After Divorce – Redefine Yourself;
  2. How Long Before I Can Remarry;
  3. Job Hunting for the Newly Divorced; and
  4. Life After Divorce – Declutter Your Closet.

Please share your comments and feedback with us. If there are some topics which you would like to see covered in the blog please post them below in the comments section.

To our former clients - thanks for your reviews They have really helped out new clients understand the professional service we offer and helped them feel assured in their choice of law firm. We look forward to continuing to serve the people of Pennsylvania as they move through a challenging time in their lives and on to a new life.


Attorney Jim Cairns

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