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A new spin on reality shows may soon be available on television called Divorce Hotel. The television show takes a couple through a divorce in a weekend. Currently, the Fox pilot is being tested out and may become an eight to thirteen part series.

A. Smith and Co. is one of the producers of the show and hopes to capitalize on the real life drama to attract viewers internationally. They have found past success with their shows Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares and hope to replicate the same type of success with Divorce Hotel. Arthur Smith, CEO, believes part of the intrigue will be that the show does not have an elimination contest or a game. Other producers include Mickey Stern, Kent Weed and John Brenkus.

Reports have indicated that the pilot is one hour long and the couple does not have children. The concept is that couples check into a luxury hotel for the weekend and by Sunday have their divorce finalized. Thirty-three year old Jim Halfens is the Dutch entrepreneur behind the idea. He started out in the Netherlands with offering divorcing couples weekend divorce packages.

The casting for the show is now complete, in case you were considering (sorry!). Cast members are treated as job contractors and are compensated for their appearances. Compensation for the TV appearance includes:

  1. Free Divorce consultation;
  2. Free marriage counseling;
  3. $5,000 per person per episode; and
  4. Expenses incurred.

Some of the requirements to be a possible cast member include:

  1. Middle and upper class couples;
  2. Wealthy couples;
  3. Double income couples with no children;
  4. Ages twenty five to fifty; and
  5. Short essay including how long the marriage has lasted and reason for divorce.

Critics have stated that Divorce Hotel caters to couples who have no qualms about exposing their private life, are looking for their fifteen minutes of fame and need instant gratification.

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