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Mabye someday, but not quite yet. But there is a Divorce Hotel, based in the Netherlands, that is giving couples the opportunity to divorce over the weekend. Couples check-in on a Friday and by Monday check out as divorced individuals. Seventeen couples have already tried the service. The fastest simple, no-fault, uncontested Pennsylvania divorce that we have handled so far has been 14 days from the date of filing to the date the court granted the divorce decree. Not bad, but no divorce hotel.

The Divorce Hotel is not an actual place but a variety of places couples from which a divorcing couple may choose. Normally, the service tries to place couples in an area that is not familiar to them. If a couple lives in the southern part of the Netherlands they are invited to book at one of the hotels in the north. The company does strive to make the atmosphere have a home-like feel and some "divorce" rooms even include a fireplace.

Couples have several options when booking their stay. They can have separate rooms (with a neutral suite in-between) or share a room. One couple wanted to have a last fling before they parted ways. Another couple ordered champagne in order to celebrate the occasion. There are often other patrons at the hotel, and one couple even agreed to check into one of the hotels while a wedding celebration was taking place in the same hotel.

The price range for a weekend hotel divorce can range anywhere from $3,500 to $10,000 depending on how complicated the divorce is and what extras the couples request. A whole team is assembled to help the couple through the weekend. Notaries, real estate agents, lawyers and coaches are a few of the professionals who offer their services to the divorcing couple. There are also specialized trained workers who will intervene when they see unusual behavior, such as a person wandering the hall for hours.

There are limitations to what the staff can do. If they find a person that is overly aggressive or displaying child-like behavior they will recommend a traditional divorce for the couple. The company gives couples an initial evaluation before checking into a hotel to see if they are good candidates.

Currently the company is looking to create a reality show based on the couples who use their services. They have already approached two production companies. Actress Demi Moore was solicited to have her divorce at the divorce hotel, but did not respond.

Even though we can't offer a Divorce Hotel, if you and your spouse agree to an uncontested divorce with the Cairns Law Offices, you won't have to pay thousands of dollars. Once you are ready to file for an uncontested Pennsylvania divorce, contact Attorney Cairns for a free initial consultation at 888.8636.9115. For an immediate free virtual consultation click on DIVORCE WIZARD.

The Divorce Wizard will analyze and qualify your case for an online Pennsylvania divorce, calculate your legal fees, and file your case immediately. It's just like sitting in our office for a free consultation. Read our client testimonials and Avvo reviews to learn more about our clients' experiences.

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