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Pennsylvania has some very liberal divorce laws compared to other states. We can get you an uncontested, simple, no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania in between 2 weeks to 4 months and we don't charge more for our fast service. But have you ever wondered how others in the world have gone about obtaining their divorces and what they think of the process? Here is a global sampler of divorce. We have covered everything from "No Divorce Day" in Iran to a gossipy wife in ancient China.

Australian Aborigines

Divorce was granted when the couple stopped cohabitating, regardless if this was consensual or decided unilaterally. There is a clause stating that if the spouse (female or male) eloped without the other person's consent then force could be used as a means to bring back the spouse to the marital home. In addition, the offended party could seek to punish the person or request financial compensation. Action against the eloping spouse could enlist family members in implementing the above consequences. Also, tradition allows for a physical fight between the female spouse and male's lover in the case of marital infidelity.

Ancient China

Males had the power to legally and unilaterally declare divorce in ancient China. Though there were seven categories from which the husband must allege in order to get the divorce:

1. Gossipy wife;

2. Wife is a thief;

3. Wife has an incurable disease;

4. Wife does not bear a son;

5. Wife is lewd or vulgar;

6. Wife is jealous. This is particularly directed at a husband's concubine or additional wife; and

7. Wife fails to follow good personal conduct under Confucian laws.

For the wife's protection the law protected women under the three following circumstances:

1. Husband was poor and now is wealthy;

2. Wife has no family to return to; and

3. Wife had fully mourned the death of a parent-in-law for three years.


Among the Eskimos, women and men are able to obtain a divorce - though not happily received by the family and community. One of the ways to get rid of a spouse is to trade spouses. Though marriages have been openly polygamous and couples could incorporate another married couple into their own lives - divorce is an option. If the couple insists on divorce and children are involved the elders and community have to give their approval.


Women are gaining more economic independence and feeling more secure about life after divorce. This is one of the contributing factors of the increase in the number of divorces in Iran. The government has stepped in and changed "Marriage Day" to "No Divorce Day". On "No Divorce Day" no permits are granted for divorce.

In Pennsylvania, you have the option of getting a simple, no-fault, uncontested divorce and do not have to blame or hide from your spouse.

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