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One of the most often asked questions of divorcing couples is: How long do I have to wait after my divorce to get remarried? In the State of Pennsylvania, the moment you get your divorce decree you are free to retie the knot immediately. There is no waiting period once you get your final divorce decree.

A final divorce decree is a document which legally recognizes the dissolution of a marriage. If you marry before the date on the final divorce decree your new marriage would be considered voidable. This means your marriage could be declared invalid by either party of the new marriage.

Some divorcees are ready to marry right-away, while other individuals will wait years. Lena Henderson and Roland Davis waited forty-eight years after their divorce to remarry each other. The recently reunited couple, both eighty-five years old, are marrying again this Saturday in Buffalo, New York.

In 1944 the high school sweethearts married and in 1964, after twenty years of marriage, they decided to divorce. They met as teenagers in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Henderson and Davis were married by a justice of the peace and had four children during the course of their marriage.

They had an amicable divorce and stayed in touched over the years; though their children had no idea they had been talking on the phone during the last several months. His oldest child Johnnie Mae encouraged her father to move back to Buffalo after his second wife passed away. She was concerned that he would be alone in Colorado, especially since the family lived on the opposite side of the country.

The divorced couple had not seen each other since 1996, during a family funeral. In a bold move, Davis popped the question over the phone and Henderson, a bit surprised, said yes! Their children are ecstatic and stated "it's a dream come true."

Now that you know that you are free to get married right after you receive your final divorce decree from the State of Pennsylvania don't wait any longer to start your new life. Once you're ready to file for an uncontested divorce contact Attorney James Cairns for a free consultation at 888.863.9115.

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