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Since the end of last year, fans have been hearing about divorce matters between Christopher Larson, partial owner of the Seattle Mariners, and his wife Julia Calhoun. After twenty-four years of marriage the couple filed for divorce and had a three week battle in court. Many followers focused on the impact of the sports team. Less people knew about their world-class art collection.

Even though Judge William Downing had delivered his final ruling in regards to the value of the Mariners, the couple had to figure out how to divide up their art collection. Oddly enough, the biggest challenge in dividing up assets was their 102 million dollar art collection. The collection included Monet and Renoir originals.

Both parties claimed to be art lovers, making the separation of collection a difficult departure for each. The couple tried to split the collection up twice, but failed. To no avail, they used the monetary value, which was about 51 million dollars each, to break up the collection.

The matter ended up back in court. Judge Downing this time asked for their help and gave them the assignment of writing down the art pieces and why they wanted them. Calhoun's answers ended up being seven pages of why she was emotionally attached to the art pieces. Larson stated the value of the collection as collateral for a line of credit and that he had plenty of wall space to hang them.

The judge gave Larson twenty-four paintings and Calhoun got nineteen. Calhoun did get a Monet and a Sargent, the two pieces she really wanted most. The value per square inch of the paintings was around $3,000 for Calhoun and $1,900 for Larson.

After the judge's final ruling the couple continued to negotiate pieces. They ended up trading a few pieces on their own. After all that time and money they could have saved a lot of headache by having worked out a marital settlement agreement in the beginning and not waiting to negotiate so late in the game – pun intended.

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