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What good is a divorce decree, you may ask? For one, lenders may ask you for a copy of your divorce decree. One of the reasons they might ask is because they will want to review it before closing a home or mortgage loan. Your lender will want to see who is responsible for the continued mortgage or the final payments. Upon sale of the real estate, your buyer's attorney may also want to know that you are divorced and hold a clear title to the property. A divorce decree and settlement agreement help to prove that you are in fact not married.

Unlike other states, Pennsylvania's Division of Vital Records does not give copies of a divorce decree. You will have to deal directly with the courthouse in the county in which the divorce decree was issued. You can save yourself the hassle with trying to find your docket number and have an attorney take care of the legal paperwork.

Another other reason financial lenders request a copy of your divorce decree is to verify your ability to pay for the loan. If you are applying for a loan and have stated that you receive support payments (such as alimony), the lender needs to see legal proof. A divorce decree is the only way for them to verify the obligation and the amount of alimony or child-support payments, since the information will not show up on credit reports.

If you are considering remarrying or purchasing a home and need a copy of your divorce decree and/or a copy of your name change contact Attorney James Cairns at 888.863.9115. Also, if you need a copy expedited, Attorney Cairns can help with getting you a quicker copy.

If you are ready to start the divorce give Attorney Cairns a call for a free phone consultation. For an immediate free virtual consultation click on DIVORCE WIZARD. You can get your divorce, settlement agreement, named removed from a Pennsylvania property deed, and name change all at an affordable cost - fast and easy, all online.

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