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Wedding rings symbolize eternal love between spouses and are generally given in a moment of bliss. Yet, when facing an uncontested divorce, a ring can evoke some very painful memories. As you navigate through your uncontested divorce, one of the very difficult questions can be: What do I do with the ring?

Pennsylvania law states that an engagement ring is a conditional gift. If you get married the condition is satisfied and now the ring is a gift. But gifts between spouse's are considered marital property subject to equitable distribution. So, technically, the rings are subject to being divided as marital property when you divorce. To make things more confusing, some judges have ruled that your spouse is allowed get to keep the ring anyhow.

So, if you end up keeping your wedding rings and you are having difficulty with wearing your wedding ring, there are a couple solutions. First, you can put the ring on a different finger. Another option is to string the ring around a necklace.

Some individuals can no longer bear to see the ring let alone wear it in any fashion. Rings will sometimes end up at the bottom of jewelry box or shoved into a crevice of a drawer. There are options for those who need a stronger acknowledgement that their marriage is coming to an end.

A ring coffin has helped newly divorced men and women find a resting place for their ring. Ring coffins come with a ring insert and a brass plaque that you can have engraved. There is also the option of incorporating a ring coffin into a divorce party.

It's wise to hold onto your ring until your emotions have simmered down after your uncontested divorce. One woman regrets selling her ring. She admitted to parting with it in the heat of the moment. Now she wishes she would have kept it for her children.

Jewelers are noticing an increase in clients who are opting to transform their wedding rings. One of the latest trends is to have the matrimonial ring redesigned. Converted rings tend to be bold and make a fashion statement.

The new look has been equated with a new life and liberation. Jewelry clients who are recently divorced sometimes go as far as to wear their new ring on their middle finger. Another option is to design an entirely new piece of jewelry.

Individuals have stated they are no longer the same person when they got married. Thus, an entire new piece symbolizes their new inner-self. People have been known to go beyond creating a new ring and melt down the entire piece to re-create something new.

There are people who find themselves financially strapped after a heated contested divorce. These same people may find themselves selling their wedding ring because of legal fees which have piled up. On the other end of the spectrum, there are the more adventure some that have gone as far as to sell their ring to get breast implants.

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