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Searching for a cheap uncontested divorce can seem like a maze with different options available. There are some key elements that you should take a look at before retaining an uncontested divorce attorney. Looking into these different areas will help assure that you have a good uncontested divorce lawyer helping you for a affordable rate.

Start with the word "cheap". What does cheap mean once you find a website? Don't fall into the trap of initially paying a fee which seems cheap only to be nickel and dimed later on.

  • What is the total cost for your divorce?
  • Is there an additional fee for court costs or are they included?

Learn about the credibility of your divorce attorney. A good place to start is with reviews. Avvo legal reviews are a great way to get third-party reviews. Actual clients have the opportunity to write about their experience and the lawyer cannot alter the comments posted.

Check to see if your uncontested lawyer is registered with the Better Business Bureau. Make sure to go a step further and visit their Better Business Bureau personal page. This will show you how many complaints, if any, were filed. Of course, you want to look at your attorney's rating. Ratings start with A+ and go down from there.

Look into what area is serviced. Is an attorney working on your case, or is company "servicing" clients in more than one state? Attorneys must be admitted to the bar of every state in which they practice. A company that only provides divorce forms does not. This can dramatically reduce the likelihood that a company is familiar with your state laws. If the company does not know your state and local divorce court laws and rules, it could end up costing you more money to fix the errors. An attorney should know the state and local divorce laws and rules, and should not make the same types of errors when he/she files your paperwork for you.

Figure out if the website is advertising a company or a law firm. A company which offers you legal documents will generally not be legally allowed to offer you legal advice. A divorce attorney in your state will know and have experience with your state laws.

When you call or email your uncontested divorce attorney, who are you interacting with? Are you directly communicating with a qualified uncontested divorce lawyer or a receptionist? Furthermore, how accessible is your uncontested divorce attorney? Do you have to wait days for a call back? Does your uncontested divorce lawyer get back to you through email or only through regular mail, thus delaying your case for every question you ask?

Ask how long the process is going to take. Some attorneys only mail your documents to you, which can sometimes take a couple of weeks. Does the law firm offer you service through easy, fast, and secure emails instead?

Does your divorce lawyer have a legal blog? This will give you a good idea of the depth and scope of divorce information your lawyer can offer you. Also, a well prepared legal blog will addressed a wide variety of issues ranging from military divorce to post divorce life.

Do some research now will save you hassle and additional costs later. Take the time to know and understand what you will be getting from your uncontested divorce attorney. This can dramatically reduce the stress and tension which can come with divorce.

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