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Becoming a single parent after an uncontested divorce brings a new set of challenges. Sometimes, caring single parents focuse so much attention on caring for their children that they overlook caring for themselves in the process. Don't let guilt get in your way- make sure to indulge yourself a bit.

On a daily basis, take at least fifteen minutes a day for yourself. You are worth at least fifteen minutes in a twenty-four hour day. Put it in your calendar and schedule some time for yourself.

Start with taking a look at your body. Where are you holding tension? Most people tend to hold stress in their shoulders, especially if you are in front of a computer.

During your quick break let go some of the tension. If your shoulders are almost up to ears make an effort to drop then down and keep them down. Do your legs feel cramped? Give yourself a mini "pick me up massage".

Make a fun To-Do list. What makes you happy? What have you been wanting to do for a long time, but have never made the time to actually do? On subsequent breaks, follow up your list and start to plan on how you are going to do the activities on your fun list.

Join or create a parent survival group. Take turns taking care of the kids and so you can have some time off. This is also a great way to save money on babysitting.

Feel like you could not possibly find time in your day? If so, then start looking at where you waste time. How many times did you check your email or Facebook page? Did you really need to check them that often? Are there ways you can streamline work in your home? Put a basket at the bottom of the stairs and place items you want to take upstairs with you, instead of making several trips up the stairs, you can make one.

Taking time for yourself can leave you feeling refreshed. it's great for gaining a new perspective on a stressful situation. Also, bulldozing through a stressful situation without a break can be counterproductive, causing you to lose more time. Don't forget releasing stress has healthy implications for you and your body.

Don't over-commit. No one can be a perfect parent! It's ok to say no, set healthy time commitment boundaries, and take time for yourself.

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