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Many couples who co-habitat, but never marry, are looking for ways to have a pseudo-divorce. Most recently, Shakira, the Columbian pop-star, is being sued by her now ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rua (son of the former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua). Current estimates for the lawsuit range from 100 million to 250 million dollars.

The mega-superstar is fighting back. She has already filed legal papers to have the lawsuit dismissed. Shakira states that she owes her ex-partner nothing. Rua has alleged that Shakira has gone back on her word. He states they had a verbal legal agreement for the business end of Shakira's work, where Rua was the manager of Shakira's brand.

Heartbroken Rua feels betrayed after eleven years of working with Shakira. Rua gave up his career as a publicist to manage the Shakira brand. Reports have stated that Rua wants eighteen percent of all the profits, especially since he secured multi-million dollar deals. This is not a typical uncontested divorce case such as may be had in Pennsylvania.

Rua is not only looking to get monies from the work he has done as manager, but also wants some of her properties in this "divorce". The properties he has been specific about are in New York and Uruguay. Shakira's legal problems have recently included her countersuing two former employees for extortion and defamation.

Shakira has her plate full with the arrival of her new baby boy, Milan. Gerad Pique, twenty-six year old soccer player and father, posted pictures on Twitter this past February. This past January Shakira, also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, held a virtual baby shower for Milan in order to raise money for UNICEF.

During the 1990's Shakira was emerging in her native country, Columbia, as a singer. By 1995 her songs were being played across Latin America. Her album Laundry Service helped her officially cross over into the English market, selling over 15 million copies.

This superstar has kept herself busy. Currently she is working on her eighth album. In addition, this season she will be substituting for Christina Aguilera on The Voice.

Her achievements have left their impressions on the world of music. After Gloria Esteban she is the second most successful Latin women singer of all time. Just her U.S. album sales racked up 9.6 million dollars. Her song Hips Don't Lie was played over nine thousand time in one week, giving her the record for the most played pop song in one week.

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