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Blog Posts in October, 2012

  • Closure After an Uncontested Divorce

    || 27-Oct-2012

    Your marital settlement agreement has longed since been signed and you now have the uncontested divorce decree in your hands. Yet, you feel that there is something not quiet right. You may be sensing that you need some form of closure. We have some ideas to help you move on to the next phase in your life by possibly finding some closure. Letter Writing After any type of divorce, whether a simple, ...
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  • Tips for an Uncontested Divorce and Special Needs Children

    || 24-Oct-2012

    Uncontested divorce can be challenging on several levels, including not having a solid support structure and unemployment. Add special needs children into the equation, and the parental stress can increase enormously. Once you have decided that you will file for an uncontested divorce there are some things you can do to prepare for a post divorce life with your special needs child. Build A Support ...
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  • Women Drink More then Men Before Divorce

    || 21-Oct-2012

    Women Drink More then Men Before Divorce The University of Cincinnati recently presented research findings showing that women drink more than men after marriage and prior to divorce. Data gathered indicates that married women drink more than long term divorced women or recently widowed women. Alcohol abuse is a cause for concern since women tend to become addicted to alcohol faster and at a higher ...
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  • Special Needs Children & Marital Settlement Agreements

    || 15-Oct-2012

    When working out a marital settlement agreement with your spouse, consider the current and future special needs of your child. This includes what happens when your child becomes an adult. Your special needs child will benefit greatly if you and your spouse take the time to work in a collaborative manner. Otherwise the situation can become quiet traumatic for your child and cause long-term damage. ...
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  • What is a Pennsylvania Divorce Coach?

    || 12-Oct-2012

    The turn of the century brought about demand for a helper in the field of uncontested divorces, called "divorce coaches". Getting a divorce coach is an extension of the idea that it's best to have help when something important needs to be done right the first time. Much like a wedding planner helps to take care of wedding details, a divorce coach takes care of the details of a ...
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  • Divorce TV Reality Show

    || 11-Oct-2012

    A new spin on reality shows may soon be available on television called Divorce Hotel. The television show takes a couple through a divorce in a weekend. Currently, the Fox pilot is being tested out and may become an eight to thirteen part series. A. Smith and Co. is one of the producers of the show and hopes to capitalize on the real life drama to attract viewers internationally. They have found ...
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  • 100 Uncontested Divorce Blogs And Counting

    || 10-Oct-2012

    Dear Clients and Readers, This is our 100th blog on simple, no fault, uncontested Pennsylvania Divorces. I have written these blogs with you in mind, and by remembering what I went through in my own divorce process. Thank you for being part of the success of the pioneering work of eDivorce. Your support and feedback have been instrumental in keeping the uncontested divorces of the Cairns Law ...
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  • 3 Great Ideas for an Uncontested Divorce Party

    || 9-Oct-2012

    Now that you have signed your marital settlement agreement and have your divorce decree in hand it's time to start thinking about a possible divorce party. This is a wonderful opportunity to create new memories and have some fun! We have put together some ideas to get you started with your own uncontested divorce celebration. Guest List Think about friends and family who are supportive and ...
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  • Tips and Hints for an Uncontested Divorce Party

    || 8-Oct-2012

    Divorce parties are spreading worldwide. This type of celebration can be found as far as in the corners of Asia. With marriages having less than a fifty percent chance of succeeding the market is starting to grow with creative products for unbridled showers. We have some tips on do's and don'ts to get you started with your party planning. Most individuals try to keep the celebration on a ...
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  • What is a Divorce Party?

    || 7-Oct-2012

    The ending of a marriage usually comes along with a marital settlement agreement which spells out the terms of the division of property This process can be painful since over the course of the marriage an individual can become attached to certain material items. Interestingly, divorced individuals have started to compensate for items rendered in their settlement agreements by having a form of ...
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  • Signs of Uncontested Divorce Depression

    || 6-Oct-2012

    It is not uncommon for individuals who have undergone an uncontested divorce to experience depression. Recently, some of Hollywood's famous celebrities have opened up and are admitting to their depression after their own divorces. After eleven years of marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman stated she had undergone a period of depression. Each individual is unique and may display different ...
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  • Divorce Day is January 3

    || 5-Oct-2012

    England has unofficially proclaimed January third as Divorce Day, also known as D-Day. This is the date that the number of individuals filing for divorce reaches an annual high. In addition, England has become the divorce capital of the world due to generous alimony payments received from wealthier spouses. After the busiest shopping season of the year comes the busiest time for divorce lawyers in ...
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  • 3 Forms of Marital Abuse

    || 4-Oct-2012

    All possible red flags of abusive relationships should be seriously taken into consideration. Perhaps your relationship doesn't seem as abusive as the latest show on TV, but any form of abuse is just plain abuse – no matter how small or big it may feel at the time. In this blog I have listed some types of abuse which a spouse may suffer from; this is not an exhaustive list. If you feel ...
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  • First Step in Abusive Relationship

    || 3-Oct-2012

    You may be feeling that you are experiencing a variety of troubling emotions or circumstances in your marriage. You might be wondering why your marriage doesn't seem normal. Do you feel that something just isn't right and find yourself making excuses or covering up your spouse's behavior in order to try keep the peace? You may not know it, but you may have already taken the first step ...
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  • Is My Spouse Gay & Can We Get An Uncontested Divorce?

    || 2-Oct-2012

    Is My Spouse Gay & Can We Get An Uncontested Divorce? With our continuously changing culture new issues have come up in uncontested divorces. One of these issues is learning that your spouse is gay. You may be trying to figure out if your spouse fits the profile of possibly being gay. Below are some signs. Remember, some gay spouses do not exhibit these traits. Also, note that many gay spouses ...
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  • 5 Red Flags Leading To Uncontested Divorce

    || 1-Oct-2012

    Your marriage isn't going well and you are starting to feel that your spouse is seriously considering an uncontested divorce There are red flags that have been waiving in front of your face, yet you have been hanging in there. Here are some signs that spouse's who are getting ready to leave often display. Lack of resolution The fights go on and on with no end. You feel like you are stuck ...
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