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Women Drink More then Men Before Divorce

The University of Cincinnati recently presented research findings showing that women drink more than men after marriage and prior to divorce. Data gathered indicates that married women drink more than long term divorced women or recently widowed women. Alcohol abuse is a cause for concern since women tend to become addicted to alcohol faster and at a higher rate then men.

Why do women abuse alcohol?

Low self-esteem is at the top of the list when it comes why women abuse alcohol. There is a distinction made between females and males when it comes to low self-esteem and alcohol abuse; it's been stated that women are more likely to turn to drinking due to their esteem issues. Some other reasons women may turn to alcohol abuse include:

  1. Sexual abuse;
  2. Problems with a loved one;
  3. Living with a husband who has an alcohol addiction;
  4. Social stigma of drinking for females is not as prevalent; and
  5. Eating disorders.

There are also crises which trigger women's abuse of alcohol. These triggers include: unemployment, violence, abuse and a miscarriage.

Women who have become addicted or abuse alcohol run several different risks, including health issues. Some of these risks include:

  1. Becoming a victim. Younger women who abuse alcohol run the risks of being physically hurt, such as punching, or sexual assault;
  2. Breast Cancer;
  3. Traffic Accident, Suicide or Murder. Alcohol is a factor in over half of all murders and automobile fatalities;
  4. Brain Damage;
  5. Liver Problems;
  6. Osteoporosis;
  7. Fertility Issues;
  8. Liver Damage;
  9. Cancer;
  10. Higher Incidence of Divorce. It has been reported that married couples who face alcohol abuse/addiction are four times more likely to file for divorce.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

If you believe that you or your spouse may be suffering from alcohol abuse please seek professional help. Some of the signs of possible alcohol addition include:

  1. Being late or not going to work;
  2. Friends and family are concerned about the level of drinking;
  3. While under the influence of alcohol, an individual was hurt;
  4. The need to drink in order to feel better or relax;
  5. Lies are told about the consumption of alcohol;
  6. Loss of memory of what happened during drinking;
  7. Drinking early in the day or drinking alone; and
  8. Legal problems due to drinking.

There is help available. Assistance can be found through therapy, self-help group, a search online and/or a rehab center.

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