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More than likely, you’ve heard your share of divorce horror stories. Perhaps, you are a child of an ugly divorce and you lived it. Hopefully, you’ve had the fortunate opportunity to meet a divorcée or two, who actually had a positive divorce experience. Of course, these are the types of individuals you want to emulate.

“What if I despise my spouse?” You don’t have to like your spouse to have a positive divorce experience. In fact, you may have difficulty occupying the same space as him or her, especially if they cheated on you, or if you can’t go an hour without arguing. Even still, despise and animosity doesn’t have to lead to a horrible, tragic divorce.

We Fake it Every Day

Let’s face it: You’re an adult and that means you have to treat people with respect, even if you don’t like them. Perhaps you can’t stand your neighbor because he’s always grumpy, but you still waive to him as you pull out of the driveway. There may be people at your church or your favorite bar or bowling alley who you don’t like, but still, you are polite.

You may have a co-worker or a boss whose personality doesn’t mesh with yours, but you hold fast to the old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” But then again, you may have to say a lot to such folks, especially if you work together, but you bite your tongue and remember that mutual respect is the best policy if you want to keep your job. Divorce is not much different. It pays to play nice.

Don’t Make These Divorce Mistakes

Want to drive down the costs of your divorce? Want to have a positive divorce experience? Want to keep the details of your divorce private? Want to maintain a good relationship with your children? Then, don’t make these divorce mistakes:

  • Move out of the house, leaving your children with your soon-to-be ex without seeking advice from a divorce attorney first.
  • Treat your spouse with despise and disrespect.
  • Blast the details of your divorce all over social media.
  • Talk to anyone who will listen about how horrible your spouse is.
  • Badmouth your spouse to your children. Don’t drag them through the mud.
  • Max out the joint credit cards (revenge spending).
  • Blow marital funds on frivolous things, such as a fancy new car, a boat, expensive jewelry, plastic surgery a $500 purse, an ATV, etc.
  • Move in with a new boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Avoid your children if you decide to move out of the house.
  • Voluntarily give cash to a spouse that is not included in a court order. Be aware that this will not earn you any “points.”

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