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If you’re on the road to divorce and you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about dating. Or, you think your soon-to-be-ex may start seeing other people once you split up. Is dating okay during a divorce? Read on as we address the “ethical challenges “involved and shed light on the subject.

Pennsylvania is called a mixed state, which means married couples can file for both fault and no-fault divorces. If a spouse chooses to file a fault-based divorce and uses adultery as a “ground,” it’s going to make the divorce a lot more complicated. It’s going to take longer and it’s probably going to involve a lot more stress and legal fees.

Defining Adultery in Pennsylvania

Adultery means to have sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse while you are STILL married. If you want to file a no-fault divorce , but you don’t want your spouse to accuse you of adultery, but you want to see other people, here’s our advice:

  • Do not start seeing other people until after you have physically separated from your spouse. Ideally, this means you both live under different roofs.
  • Stop sleeping with your spouse, even if you live separately as this can affect the “date of separation,” which is important to the court.
  • Do not portray yourselves as a married couple to others. Instead, make it known that you’re getting a divorce. Stop doing “couple” things like going on dates as this too, can affect the date of separation.
  • Be respectful to your spouse and your marriage: don’t change your social media status to “single” until your divorce is final.
  • Try to prevent running into your spouse while out on dates. Avoid bars and restaurants where your spouse is likely to frequent.
  • Do not post any pictures of you and your dates on social media until after the divorce is final. Even better, wait a good six months after the divorce to post pics of romantic partners.
  • If you have minor children with your spouse, PLEASE respect them while you’re dating. Remember, this is a sensitive time for them too. We recommend not introducing them to anyone new until six months to a year after the divorce is final and only introduce them to someone who is in a committed relationship with you.

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