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No one gets married expecting their marriage to break down. Still, about half of all first marriages do end in divorce. If you’re going through a separation and a divorce, realize these are extremely emotional events, but it is possible to achieve a healthy divorce.

When a marriage ends, it usually means a flood of emotions, such as grief, anger, anxiety, and fear. If you’re being affected physically, for example, if you can’t eat or sleep, or if you’re shaky, or can’t concentrate, that’s normal.

If you seem fine one moment, but then strong emotions suddenly rise out of nowhere, that’s normal too. As time goes by, these feelings will gradually subside until the divorce is just a moment in your life, a memory.

You Have to Take Care of Yourself

If you and your spouse recently decided to split up and your emotions are raw, try not to view the breakup and the divorce as a battle. An amicable, no-fault divorce is an excellent alternative to a fault-based divorce. Over time, things won’t be as intense and your emotions will subside. In the meantime, our advice is to take care of yourself.

When you go through a divorce, it’s typical to be overwhelmed by all the changes. But right now, more than ever before, you must take care of yourself and avoid self-destructive behaviors. You may not be hungry, but try to eat. Get out and take walks or get other forms of exercise. Get sleep, even if it’s hard.

Turn to family, friends, or people from your church for love and support. Realize that you’re under stress and engage in healthy activities, such as new hobbies or exercise to help alleviate the stress naturally.

One of the best ways to have a healthy divorce is to set your differences aside and treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of who did what or what went wrong in the marriage. If you can be successful in having a no-fault divorce, you’ll be on the road to a healthy divorce.

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