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It depends on what kind of divorce we're talking about. If you go the peaceful route of the no-fault divorce, it can take a matter of five months, which would include a 90-day wait after filing for the divorce, a wait to allow both parties to "cool off". With Cairns Law Offices, however, a no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania could take as little as four weeks to finish.

If, however, spouses decide to go through a contested divorce, then all bets are off. This type of divorce can easily last a full year, and it could extend years beyond that. The delays are partly due to the fact that courts are often packed with cases. The delay between each hearing could last months. If one spouse wants to fight tooth and nail over a term of the divorce, this will only require more hearings to deal with, easily stretching out the divorce for dozens of months. It should not always have to take several months to determine child custody, another several months to agree on child support, then even more hearings to divide assets and debts.

If you can save time in your divorce, you are becoming free to live an independent life as soon as possible, and you are also saving yourself a great deal of the emotional toll this process can take. Even one year of divorcing can cause painful stress, not to mention expensive legal bills.

There is such a thing as a peaceful divorce, and if you can take that route, you and your kids will the better off for it. Learn more about the benefits of a fast, amicable divorce when you call Cairns Law Offices. A Pennsylvania uncontested divorce lawyer will the only one working with you on the divorce; you will never get handed off to an associate. Here, you can get an affordable divorce while getting the legal counsel you deserve. Call today!

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