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Pennsylvania's Residency Requirement Is Six Months

While there are expedited forms of divorce available, it is important to note that the prologue to the divorce process will take at least six months. This does not mean, however, that you had to have gotten married in Pennsylvania, or that you both must have been living in Pennsylvania for the last six months. Only one spouse needs to fulfill this residency requirement. So one spouse can even be out-of-state, and still file for a Pennsylvania divorce.

Additionally, you can still fulfill this requirement even if the past six months included a business or vacation trip, or any out-of-state travels. As long as Pennsylvania was your primary residence for the last several months, you likely have met this prerequisite to an uncontested divorce. Is your driver's license from Pennsylvania? Your permanent address? Your voter registration? Then you are probably considered a resident of Pennsylvania.

You have to be absolutely certain that you have met this requirement, however. Just as there are numerous exceptions available to ensure that you meet the state's residency requirement, there are also technicalities in the law that could make you ineligible for divorce until a later date. A court could easily dismiss your divorce petition if it turns out you fell short of the required residency. Don't hesitate to get the legal advice you need right away from Cairns Law Offices. Find out if you are able to file for divorce when you call our Pennsylvania divorce lawyer!

If the requirements for filing have been met, then you can look into whether or not you are eligible for a speedy divorce that could last a mere 30 days from start to finish. Thanks to the technology our firm utilizes, you can get questions answered from an experienced divorce lawyer quickly, and you might even be able to file for your divorce today. Start getting answers now!

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