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According to the data, family courts in Philadelphia are so congested that it takes a year in some cases to even have the first court hearing for child custody. Over the past three years, thousands of families have suffered from the insane delays. One official blames this in part on a 2010 law that told courts to make the decision when a parent with a criminal record wants custody, or even when someone living in that parent's house has a criminal background. The result, unfortunately, has meant kids could be in jeopardy as they wait months and months for a court to intervene.

Based on a report last month, however, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court stepped into make sure that three judges will work in family court for the rest of the year, exclusively handling child custody hearings. While certain to alleviate the horrendous waiting times, the fact remains that deciding such heated matters as custody in a trial can mean a dragged out process.

Even though each county differs in its laws regarding child custody, one thing all litigated divorces have in common: an expensive, lengthy process. This is just one example of how when it's up to a court to make the major decisions in your divorce, this can add the needless stress of waiting months to simply appear in court. Fortunately, many families in Pennsylvania have options other than enduring a trial, such as filing for a no fault uncontested divorce.

The benefits of an uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania include:

  • A speedier process
  • A cheaper divorce
  • More power to make the choices in your divorce

Don't hesitate to call Cairns Law Offices today to find out more about how an uncontested divorce can help you avoid court entirely, saving you time and money. When you work with us, you are getting the time-saving benefits of groundbreaking technology while working exclusively with a Pennsylvania divorce attorney. You will never be shifted over to a paralegal or clerk. You can get both legal acumen and an affordable divorce with our firm. Learn more when you contact us today!

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