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Your marriage is on the rocks and you need some kind of clue to try to figure out if you are really headed for an uncontested divorce. We have put together a list of potential risk factors which lead to a cheap and inexpensive uncontested divorce.

Whether you live in Philadelphia, Erie, Harrisburg or anywhere in Pennsylvania, here are divorce risk factors to look for:

1. Females who serve in the military are 250 times more likely to have a divorce than men who serve in the military;

2. Ages at marriage. Younger married people have a sixty percent higher probability of ending up divorced;

3. Men with high levels of testosterone have a forty-three greater likelihood of getting a divorce than a man who has low levels of testosterone;

4. Mocking and contempt. If your partner is putting you down and you don't feel respected he or she slowly becomes exempt as the person you go to when you need support;

5. Illness. Some spouses love to be a caregiver when a serious or chronic illness afflicts their partner. Other spouses can't handle the change and can't run fast enough out the door. Newt Gingrich has been accused of delivering his wife divorce papers on the day after her surgery;

6. Arguing over money at least once a week increases the chance of divorce by thirty percent;

7. Level of education. Individuals with lower levels of formal education tend to rate higher in filing for divorce;

8. Couples who have a daughter have a five percent higher chance of getting a divorce than couples who have a son. Some have said that fathers may be more active in familial life if they have a son.

9. The chance of divorce increases forty percent if your parents were divorced;

10. If one spouse smokes and the other does not the marriage has at least a seventy-five percent chance of ending in divorce;

11. Dancers and choreographers have a forty-three percent chance of getting divorced versus a mathematician who has a nineteen percent chance. Farmers rank right above seven percent;

12. Income disparity. Some women resent their husbands for not financially contributing more to the family, others have stated they feel less feminine;

13. A couple who has a child who dies shortly after birth has a divorce rate that increases forty percent;

14. Thirty one percent of people who did not smile in their childhood photographs ended up divorcing their spouse;

15. Women who marry men nine years or more their senior have double the probability of having their marriage end in divorce than those couples who are closer in age.

Please keep in mind that these are red flags which often end up in a couple filing for an uncontested divorce. If you are unsure of the status of your marriage it's advisable to seek professional help.

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