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Stay at home parents in Philadelphia, Erie and all of Pennsylvania face special circumstances when getting a cheap uncontested divorce. Most often the standard of living after an uncontested divorce dramatically drops. We have some tips to put you ahead of the game when facing your uncontested divorce.

Plan ahead. You are probably ready to toss your spouse out on the curb and call it quits. Be prudent- that cannot be stressed enough. Start planning your financial future. Look at what assets and debts you have now. Seriously plan how you are going to maintain an adequate standard of living for you and your children. You'll thank yourself later.

Skills. Think about the skills you can use to keep your family going. Multi-tasking is usually at the top of the list. How often have you made dinner while helping your kids with their homework? Make a list of your daily tasks and the skills you employ to make them a reality. If you feel like you need some extra skills, now is a good time to look at some online courses. Free courses are available, you can find them with a good internet search. Also, some of these same courses sometimes give you a certificate for completing the course, but you most likely will not get any college credit.

Work from home. There are plenty of jobs you can do from home, though beware of scam artists. If they ask you to pay to get a job there is a likelihood you are wasting your money. You can find freelance work to do at home. Several websites have emerged giving people an opportunity to work from home. Elance offers a variety of opportunities to people who want to work from home. Another idea for at home work includes being a customer representative. Take at look at Working Solutions. Make sure you do appropriate research before accepting any position. If you have some basic computer skills, another possibility is starting a blog and selling advertisements on your site to generate some income. You can also find work online. Websites such as GoNannies offer different job opportunities such as housework, cooking (chefs), senior care and so on.

Time for a sale. Go through your closets, attic, basement and garage and start setting aside items that you no longer use. This does not mean selling off your spouse's personal items such as her mother's antique earrings. It's not worth the future fight. Also, don't sell anything that is truly a memento or something you really treasure – you don't want to regret it later. Most of us have some items laying around our home that can help us get some quick cash through eBay or a local consignment shop.

Educate yourself. You are doing a great job by visiting our legal blog. Learn about alimony and child support. Know what the restrictions are and what you may be entitled to. This will give you a leg up when you go to negotiate your marital settlement agreement with your spouse.

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