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Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab state in Western Asia, has declared that Saudi women may use smoking as a legal grounds for divorce. In a country where divorce for women is still a challenge and couples have traditionally dealt with differences in a variety of ways including separate rooms, separate floors and a male taking on another wife; women now have been given a new opportunity to file for divorce.

The female spouse must be recently married and not have known that her husband smoked. If a woman has been married for several years, than the courts believe that she has accepted the smoking spouse and has no grounds for divorce. Judge Ebrahim Khodairi has ruled that women should not suffer health risks, though they have to be justifiable, because of their husband's smoking. Also, he made it very clear if a woman knew before hand she would not qualify for divorce under this ruling.

Social networking sites were used by many Saudis to inquire about the ruling. A Saudi woman asked how to get her husband to quit smoking. A male stated that all women could get a divorce (due to the large number of smokers). Another woman blamed her brother-in-law for her sister's deformed baby due to his smoking.

Saudi press reports state that Saudia Arabia is the fourth largest importer in the world of cigarettes. Current estimates of smokers in the country are as high as six million.

Traditionally Saudi women have been at a huge disadvantage when seeking a divorce. Males can easily divorce their wives and not have to inform them; yet females have few legal grounds for initiating a divorce. Some of the very few grounds which women can file for divorce are: if they belong to a family or know someone with power or high societal status, spouse has A.I.D.S or if the husband is a drug addict. In addition, women can be exposed to a very harsh legal system which often sides with males.

With an uncontested divorce in the U.S. you don't have to offer a reason of fault in order to divorce. This option allows you and your spouse to easily and affordably get a divorce.

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