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Now that your uncontested divorce has been finalized your life is fully ready to move into a new direction. Are you feeling a bit lost on just how exactly go do that? The landscape of uncontested divorces is modernizing, and different types of support are now available as you transition into a new phase of your life.

One of the more creative ways that individuals are moving into single life is through a divorce detox. There are many methods of physically detoxifying your body; a new spin is now available for the recently divorced. Not only do these types of programs help with healing from the past, but they also help give you the tools you need for your future.

Divorce Detox is a company which uses a holistic approach to address your personal needs during your divorce recovery period. Some of the tools incorporated into the approach include: self-compassion, forgiveness, psycho education and life coaching. The goal is for clients to walk away with lifetime skills which can be utilized for personal growth.

On their website you can learn more about the programs available. Personal Empowerment and Relationships helps individuals create a foundation for healthier relationships and a higher level of self-care. A workbook accompanies this program with an opportunity to write your marriage story.

If your finances are restricted we have some tips to help with a personalized divorce detox. First, create boundaries with your ex spouse. This is not the time to pick up the phone and call him or her because you are feeling lonely. Clinging on now will make the entire healing process more challenging. If you have children or other matters you both attend to keep contact strictly to those specific topics.

Give yourself time and space to grieve. Even if you were the person who initiated the uncontested divorce, you still suffered the loss of your marriage. There are several self-help books on how to process and recover from grief. Also, don't overlook the assistance of a professional mental health specialist.

Understand what happened in your relationship. This is not the time to solely blame your ex. Be honest with yourself, this will only help you heal. What are some learning lessons you can walk away with?

Understand why you chose your spouse to marry. Was it just for love? Did your ex provide things that were missing in your life? What were those items and how can you get them on your own?

It's time to redecorate your bedroom. Notice, it's YOUR bedroom now. Want a more comfortable mattress, then get one, because you deserve it! If you are more on a budget you can still create change. Treat yourself to a new candle, new sheets or even sexy nightwear.

You are no longer a couple, thus it's time to reinvent yourself. We has shifted into me. Make it all about you. Do you have dreams you put on hold because of your marriage? Clean out your closet to get a new "look". For the ladies, don't forget to visit the cosmetic counters for free makeovers.

Expand your circle of friends. You are no longer bound to hanging out with couples. A divorce support group can be a good place to make new friends who understand what you are going through.

Get savvy with your finances. Take a hold on your financial situation and start financially planning for your future. Don't let an unexpected circumstance catch you off guard. There are several investors clubs you may want to research. The idea is for members to pool their monies together and invest. The Better Investing Community is a non-profit group which may give you some ideas.

Life after an uncontested divorce can be fulfilling. Give your self the opportunity to detox from your divorce and you might just surprise yourself on the new you!

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