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Although your immediate world may seem as if it's falling apart, now is the time to buckle down and think of your future. This is the time to put aside your emotional reactions and think rationally. An uncontested divorce team can help you get through an uncontested divorce and help secure a more solid future for you.

The assistance of professionals during your uncontested divorce can make the difference in a secure future. Putting together your own uncontested divorce team can help you obtain the best possible out come from your uncontested divorce. You may hesitate to hire a professional to assist you, but will the long-term costs be worth it?

An uncontested divorce attorney will be the first person you will want to hire for your team. Look into how accessible your lawyer is and who will be handling the case. You don't want to be a number in a stack of files for a paralegal. Also, look at the lawyer's reviews, a good place to start is with Avvo and the Better Business Bureau.

The next valuable member of your team can be a professional therapist. A well trained therapist will help you navigate your feelings, the highs and the lows, as you move through your uncontested divorce. This is also a great person to talk with and not be judged.

A major area of consideration is finances. There are several different types of professionals available, depending on your need. If you believe your spouse if hiding assets you may want to start with a forensic accountant.

Valuation experts can help with determining the worth of different items. Some of the items which can be valued are:

  1. Pension funds;
  2. Stocks;
  3. Value of an education or training;
  4. Value of a business;
  5. Collectibles; and
  6. Jewelry.

With determining the value of the marital home, commercial property or jointly owned property a real estate appraiser can give you an accurate value. This is especially helpful when negotiating your marital settlement agreement.

Don't overlook the value of a financial planner. A financial planner can help give you an accurate assessment of your current situation and help you plan for your financial future.

A career coach can be of great value. If you are currently employed a well qualified career coach can help you move up in positions and increase your earning potential. For those who are unemployed a career coach can help strengthen your resume and focus your job search.

Your divorce team is created from what you believe will be the most beneficial to you. Thinking outside the box can bring you a more holistic team. For example, a massage therapist may be what you need to help alleviate some of the stress you are going through.

Massage is no longer for only the well-to-do, also scientific research studies have shown the positive affects of massage on the human body. There are ways to reduce the costs of massage:

  1. Book a massage every two weeks instead of every week;
  2. Buy massages in bulk, for example five, and you normally can get a discount;
  3. Book massages for thirty-minute increments instead of a full hour; or
  4. Schedule your massage at a local massage school and receive significant discounts.

Being single again can be scary. An uncontested divorce team can help you gain clarity during your uncontested divorce and help you make more solid decisions for your future.

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