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Have you heard of the book The Normal Bar? If you haven't you might be tempted to check out what is going on in other households in regards to relationships and sex. The team behind the book gathered data from over seventy thousand individuals globally. Some of the answers they uncovered may give you some insights to your own personal relationship and uncontested divorce. At the very least it will give you an idea of what's going on behind your neighbors' closed doors.

Statistical findings used for the book have already been released. Among the interesting topics surveyed was the level of trust individuals have in a relationship. Fifty-three percent of the men surveyed said they completely trusted their partner, yet only thirty-nine percent of the women in the study could say the same. Interestingly enough fifty percent of the men suspected their partner of having committing infidelity.

As a culture we are taught that healthy relationships occur when people share and respect each other's feelings. In the global survey, fifty-six percent of the women stated they have lied about their feelings, and fifty-nine percent of the males also admitted lying about their feelings. Oddly enough these numbers are around the same percentages of couples getting divorced in the U.S.

A high percentage of women and men admitted to lying to their partners. Women came in at seventy-one percent and men at seventy-five percent. Does a relationship need some sugar coated lies to work? Does lying get easier as the relationship moves through the years?

Another area of lies included in the survey was in regard to where they have been. Fifty percent of the males said they have lied to their partner versus thirty-six percent of the females. Some individuals stated they lied in order to avoid conflict. Also, lying by omission was a strategy which some individuals incorporated into their relationship.

The book came about because of Chrisanna Northrup's unhappy relationship with her husband. After spending two years in couple's therapy, she wanted to know how she compared to other couples. In case you are wondering she was able to work out their marital issues with her husband; apparently they learned a few things from the survey which helped save their marriage and avoid an uncontested divorce.

Curious about how you stack up? You can go online and take the survey at the Normal Book website. After going through the core questions you can pick from over fifteen different topics.

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