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In the age of rapid technological developments our society has faced constant change. Uncontested divorce has been reshaped by the advancements made in this era. Couples can get divorced through an online attorney, saving considerable time and money. On the harsher side individuals have used technology to spy on their spouse during an uncontested divorce.

Some of the more known tactics include reading emails, viewing Facebook pages and checking the call list and text messages on cell phones. If your spouse has the password to your email and/or social media accounts it would be prudent to change it right away. This would also be the time to add or change a password on your cell phone.

Some individuals who know their spouse's passwords have taken the liberty of changing them. Normally you can notify your service if there was an unauthorized change in password. Though, in the meantime you might have to do some damage control if safety measures weren't taken. Save yourself the headache of explaining to your friends the embarrassing email sent out by a vengeful spouse.

Spouses who are savvier with technology may be tempted to add a form of spyware to your computer. One of the software products out on the market is computer monitoring software. Monitoring software has been marketed to parents to keep their child safe from online predators, but prying spouses have used the programs to gain information for their uncontested divorces.

Depending on the type of monitoring software installed into a computer a spying spouse can learn quite bit about you and your online habits. Online habits can be tracked through different methods. Some of the software can give your spouse screen shots in fifteen second increments and send him or her information via email. Also available, are comprehensive reports for nearly every mouse click or key stroke.

Do you think you were clever when you deleted a bunch of files you didn't want your spouse to know about? Think again, file recovery software gives your spouse the ability to undelete files and have access to those very same files. Although you thought they were deleted, normally your computer does not remove the files immediately from your drive. In addition, often files remain on your computer in disconnected fragments and may be recovered.

By now you might be wondering what you can do to protect yourself. The first step is to put a secure password on your personal computer, email, cell phone and social networks. Think outside the box with passwords. Remember your spouse knows you well and you don't want him or her figuring out your new passwords.

If you have deleted files on your computer you may want to consider deletion software. You will want to make sure the software cleans in several places, including those hard to find places. Some of the deletion software will continue to run on a scheduled basis, check to see if you can customize the schedule. An internet search on deletion software reviews will give you a good idea of what's on the market.

Encryption software scrambles your data. This means only you and if you want, a possible intended recipient can decipher the content. Some features you may want to consider when shopping around for encryption software are:

  1. How user-friendly the software is to install and use;
  2. Does the software update regularly;
  3. Is there a lag period when encrypting files;
  4. What are the online reviews? CNET can be a good source for reviews;
  5. Password meter, making sure you pick a strong password;
  6. Files cannot be deleted without the user having a password;
  7. Do you have the option of putting encrypted files on a USB drive;
  8. Is there a trial version you can use for free (normally expires after a set time period, i.e., 30 days); and
  9. How accessible is support or help for the software.

Do keep in mind that conservative use of your computer and cell phone are a smart way to go during an uncontested divorce. There are a variety of software programs which can let your spouse into your personal information, including software which cracks passwords known as password recovery software.

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