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Recent Posts in Cheap Divorce/Inexpensive Divorce Category

  • Getting Over the Affair to Achieve a Cheap Divorce

    || 22-Aug-2017

    If your marriage was torn apart by an affair, you have plenty of company. Unfortunately, adultery has become so commonplace that people are almost numb to it. Once a practice committed mostly by men, each year more (and more) women are cheating on their husbands. Many believe this increase has much to do with the fact that women no longer need their husbands for financial support, so they can end ...
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  • Cheap, No-Fault Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 10-Apr-2017

    If it were easier to get divorced in most states, we’d probably have more divorces, now wouldn’t we? For many unhappy spouses, splitting from their spouse is not the issue, but the process is what stresses them out, and reasonably so! If you’re a resident of Pennsylvania, getting divorced doesn’t have to cost you $2,000, $4,000, or even more like it does in most parts of ...
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  • How to Have a Positive Divorce

    || 31-Jan-2017

    Let’s face it, life’s transitions can be hard, no matter how simple they really are. If we’re smart, we plan in advance for the biggest transitions. When we’re in high school, for example, we strive for As so we can score well on our SATs and so we can get into the college of our choice. When our first-born is ready for daycare or preschool, we carefully research the ...
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  • Is a Cheap Divorce Too Good to Be True?

    || 9-Jan-2017

    For tens of thousands of couples, the “cost” of divorce keeps them from ending an empty, unsatisfying, or otherwise hollow marriage. They’ve heard of divorces costing spouses $3,000 to $5,000 each, if not more, and they’re afraid they can’t afford to end their unhappy marriage so they decide to “grin and bear it, sometimes for years on end. If you live in ...
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  • Uncontested divorce attorney Laurence Rutenberg has died, and Cairns Law Offices would like to help his clients finish thier cases cheaply and quickly (for as little as $219). Attorney Rutenberg filed his divorce cases in Potter County, and many of his clients and prospective clients are now unable to finish the divorces that Attorney Rutenberg filed for them, or was going to file for them. ...
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  • Stars of "Sister Wives" Reveal Reason for Divorce

    || 2-Mar-2015

    The stars from TLC's hit series "Sister Wives" finally reveal the real reason behind Meri's divorce from Kody in the season finale. In the previous episode, fans were in shock as Meri, Kody's only legal wife, sought out a divorce lawyer to discuss the possibility of filing for divorce. Why was she separating from her husband? What will this mean to the "Sister ...
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  • What are the Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce?

    || 23-Feb-2015

    For most people, filing for divorce can be stressful and emotionally draining to say the least. However, in Pennsylvania, you do have the option of obtaining an uncontested divorce, which is a streamlined divorce process that offers many benefits. Under Pennsylvania's divorce laws, spouses have the option of an uncontested divorce, otherwise known as a "mutual consent divorce." With ...
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  • Chinese City Limits Divorces to 15 a Day

    || 11-Sep-2014

    If our firm was to follow the same rules that a Chinese city has recently enacted, obtaining a divorce would be a lot more complicated and take much longer than our internet-based divorce service. Fortunately, we offer a much different level of service as The Cairns Law Firm. Is limiting divorces even legal? Xian has set the daily limit on divorce registrations at 15 couples. However, Xian is home ...
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  • What Types of Divorce Are There in Pennsylvania?

    || 12-Aug-2014

    Though rarely used, one type of divorce a couple can get is a fault divorce. This will demand a great deal in legal costs, as well create legal complexity. The spouse who files for divorce not only has to prove that the other spouse is to blame for the marriage dissolving (such as through adultery, lengthy imprisonment, domestic violence, etc.), but the filing spouse also to prove that they ...
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  • Getting Divorced? Here Are 5 Things You Should Do Right Now

    || 6-Aug-2014

    Right now, online, there are several things you can do to help yourself out during a divorce: venting on social media is not one these things. In fact, far too many people damage their divorce, or even ruin their chances of a peaceful divorce, by airing private matters online. The internet can be a powerful tool against you or for you. Here are some ways to put technology on your side when you ...
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  • Military Divorce vs. Civilian Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 22-Jul-2014

    As complex as any Pennsylvania divorce is, matters can become even more difficult in a divorce where military laws factor in as well. For instance, when it comes to child support and alimony, determining amounts, modifying the support agreement, and enforcing these court orders, it can be complicated to say the least. When at least one parent is on active duty military duty, creating a child ...
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  • What Can a Divorce Cost in Pennsylvania?

    || 14-Jul-2014

    The High Price of a Contested Divorce It depends entirely on what type of divorce you pursue. If you go the route of a contested divorce, then all bets are off. Not only is this a bitter, lengthy process, but you could be looking at an at least $30,000 price tag. If you go through a contested divorce in court, your final bill could include: $200 initial consultations with your divorce attorney ...
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  • How Is Child Custody Decided in a Pennsylvania Divorce?

    || 24-Jun-2014

    In each of Pennsylvania's 67 counties, there are different rules that govern family law, though all family judges will strive to find the "best interests of the child" in coming to a determination about child custody. This requires the court to factor in any history of substance abuse on a parent's part, each parent's ability to provide for the child, the child's ...
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  • What Information Must Be Included in a Divorce Complaint?

    || 21-May-2014

    When one spouse files for divorce against the other spouse in the state of Pennsylvania, he or she must provide certain information in the divorce complaint. The person filing for divorce is called the "plaintiff" and the person who the divorce is filed against is called the "defendant." According to the state's legal code ( The Pennsylvania Code Rule 1920.12 ), this ...
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  • Federal Judge rules Pennsylvania ban on same-sex marriages "unconstitutional"

    || 20-May-2014

    Pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriage has been ruled unconstitutional by federal Judge John E. Jones, who said it is now time to toss such laws "into the ash heap of history". This opens the door for gay and lesbian married couples to get an uncontested Pennsylvania divorce. While the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania may still appeal the decision, this is big news for those married but ...
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  • How to File an Uncontested Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 24-Feb-2014

    When a divorce is uncontested, this means that there is no dispute between the spouses concerning the terms of the divorce. These are usually terms concerning property division and spousal support, though they may also include child custody and child support, if the spouses have children together. While contested divorce requires settlement through court, uncontested divorce allows divorce ...
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  • How to Get a Quick Divorce in Pennsylvania

    || 31-Jan-2014

    For most people, the idea of divorce is daunting. Not only does it involve touchy subjects such as custody or property division, but it can take months or sometimes years! If your marriage is falling apart, you are probably asking yourself "Is there any way to get a quick no-fault divorce ?" Fortunately for you, the answer is "Yes!" At Cairns Law Offices, we focus on fast ...
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  • How to Move On After an Uncontested Pennsylvania Divorce

    || 5-Aug-2013

    The ink has dried on your uncontested divorce decree, and it's time to redefine yourself and move forward. You are not the same person who exchanged vows with your ex-spouse, life has thrown you some curve balls and you have survived. Healing will take time, but here are some tips on how to move forward. Accept yourself and where you are in your post-divorce life. Don't get stuck in the ...
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  • 10 Tips to Get You Through Uncontested Divorce

    || 29-Jul-2013

    As you are coming to terms with the fact that your marriage is ending, there are items which you may neglect. I have put together a tip sheet to help you navigate a little more comfortably through your uncontested divorce. Be moderate in your behavior. This is not the time to take your life savings and blow it on a trip to Vegas. Get through your uncontested divorce and develop a life-long plan. A ...
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  • What No One Told Me About Uncontested Divorce

    || 22-Jul-2013

    Most people don't plan for an uncontested divorce. Generally you won't find books about uncontested divorce on couples' wedding registries. So when the time comes to dissolve a marriage most individuals suddenly find themselves in an unexpected situation. I have put together some tips on what some divorcing individuals wish they would have known as they went through an uncontested ...
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  • Mister Rogers and Uncontested Divorce

    || 15-Jul-2013

    Sesame Street came out with a website that helps children and parents through uncontested divorce. Yet, many are unaware that Mister Rogers tackled the subject of divorce first, through his television show. When the general climate thought of the word "divorce" as taboo, Mister Rogers (Fred Rogers) reassured children that divorce was an acceptable topic to talk about. On a clip from his ...
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  • Jennifer Lopez and Her Parents' Divorce

    || 11-Jul-2013

    A Pennsylvania uncontested divorce might just serve Jennifer Lopez's interest, if she qualified for one. Superstar Jennifer Lopez is no stranger when it comes to divorce and the ill effects of her personal life spilling over into her public life. Her marriages and especially her divorces have created headlines internationally. Yet, the divorce of her parents has been something which she has ...
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  • Divorce Fairy to the Financial Rescue

    || 7-Jul-2013

    Cairns Law Offices has developed "The Divorce Wizard" to help couples get their Pennsylvania uncontested, no fault, simple divorce in a cheap, fast, and easy manner. But what about a "Fairy god-mother of divorces"? Cinderella needed the help of a fairy god-mother to get her prince. Now, modern women are finding the help of a different kind of fairy god-mother when they realize ...
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  • Reports on Current Divorce Trends

    || 1-Jul-2013

    In a recent infographic, reported on the "great divide," where they collected nationwide divorce statistics from various resources such as and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to, approximately 45% of marriages in the United States will eventually result in divorce; however, what happens to nearly half the population truly ...
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  • Billy Ray Cyrus Divorces Tish Cyrus

    || 25-Jun-2013

    After nineteen years of marriage, headlines across the globe are reporting of Billy Ray Cyrus' looming divorce. Tish Cyrus has filed for divorce in the Los Angeles Superior Court on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. This divorce has the potential of becoming a full blown out contested divorce. Tish Cyrus has asked for full legal and physical custody of their youngest child, Noah. ...
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