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Uncontested divorce attorney Laurence Rutenberg has died, and Cairns Law Offices would like to help his clients finish thier cases cheaply and quickly (for as little as $299). Attorney Rutenberg filed his divorce cases in Potter County, and many of his clients and prospective clients are now unable to finish the divorces that Attorney Rutenberg filed for them, or was going to file for them. Laurene Rutenberg, with offices at 1420 Walnut Street, Suite 608, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia County, phone numbe (215) 546-7555, died leaving many clients not knowing the status of their uncontested divorce cases. Attorney Rutenberg concentrated much of his practice on providing cheap uncontested Pennsylvania divorces. Cairns Law Offices invites all of Attorney Laurence Rutenberg's clients to contact Cairns Law Offices to quickly finish the divorces that were started.

Clients should contact Attorney James Cairns for a free consultation regarding their no-fault divorce. You can email Attorney Cairns at or call 888-863-9115. If your case is still open with Potter County, then Attorney Cairns will contact the Potter County Prothonotary to determine the status of your case, and will prepare the proper paperwork for you and your spouse to sign in order to finish you divorce case, so that a divorce decree may be obtained. You can finish your divorce initially filed in Potter County by Attorney Laurence Rutenberg by completing The Divorce Wizard online right now. It only takes a few minutes, and you can pay for your divorce services immediately (for as little as $299). When completing The Divorce Wizard, make sure to note that Attornney Rutenberf filed a case for you already, and give us the case number. Attorney James Cairns will then call the Potter County Prothonotary to obtain all of the information that he will need to finish your divorce case, so you can being your new life.

We look forward to helping the clients of Attorney Laurence Rutenberg finish thier uncontested, simple, no-fault divorces quickly, easily, and cheaply (for as little as $299).

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