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If this was your second divorce, you'd probably be more comfortable with the divorce process. You'd know what to expect, how you should act, and you'd probably do things a little differently than you did the first time around. However, this probably isn't your second divorce, it's likely your first.

Divorce is rarely easy; even in an amicable, uncontested divorce, you're still going to face some tough choices, which affect things such as child custody, your credit, where you live, your job, your health insurance, and much more.

You may be comfortable dealing with minor decisions on your own, but in other areas you may need some professional advice, this way you don't say or do anything that could harm your divorce case. Here are some common divorce mistakes that you want to avoid:

1. Be careful on social media. These days, the majority of divorce attorneys will look to a spouse's social media accounts to gather damaging evidence.

If you post pics of a new sweetheart, a fancy new car, you partying at a bar or club, or an expensive vacation, that info can be used against you if spousal support or child custody are an issue. You also don't want to badmouth your ex or the judge, for such behaviors can be used against you.

2. Don't start dating before you are physically separated. If you must date, wait until you are living apart, and exercise discretion. Don't introduce your new friend to the kids until after the divorce is over. If you're not careful, your spouse can get very jealous, and it can make the divorce process harder.

3. Don't keep the family home if you can't afford it. It can be very tempting to keep the family home, especially if you have children. However, if you can't get a loan in your own name, or if you can't afford the monthly mortgage payments, property taxes, and maintenance, you could end up in real financial trouble.

4. Don't misunderstand your liability for unsecured debt. Unsecured debt often means credit card debt. Usually, if debt was acquired during the marriage, both spouses are liable for it regardless of which spouse's name is on the account. When you agree to a divorce settlement, don't assume that the credit card companies care about what your divorce decree says.

If your spouse fails to pay a credit card debt that was acquired during the marriage, the credit card company can still come after you, even after the divorce. The best practice is to pay off all debts before the divorce is finalized.

For more divorce tips, contact Cairns Law Offices to speak with a Pennsylvania no fault divorce lawyer!

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