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If our firm was to follow the same rules that a Chinese city has recently enacted, obtaining a divorce would be a lot more complicated and take much longer than our internet-based divorce service. Fortunately, we offer a much different level of service as The Cairns Law Firm.

Is limiting divorces even legal?

Xian has set the daily limit on divorce registrations at 15 couples. However, Xian is home to over 1 million residents, making this a very unrealistic number. The 15 registrations will be granted to the first couples to make it to the office when it opens at 8:30 am. If more than 15 couples show up to file for divorce, they are instructed to try again another day.

The purpose of the restriction is to make couples re-think divorce in light of rising divorce rates. Another city in China was criticized for not accepting divorce filings on Valentine's Day for the same reason.

The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs has claimed that a 12.8% rise in divorces in China has caused the recent action. This high rate is being attributed to:

  • Couples acting impulsively towards divorce
  • High rates of domestic violence
  • Fake divorcing to get around home ownership restrictions

Many in the country are outraged at the breach of human rights that is occurring as a result of this ban. The Chinese Constitution protects the individual's right to marry and right to divorce, as long as it obeys the country's marriage and divorce laws.

No-Fault Divorce in Pennsylvania

Unlike Xian, China, Pennsylvania law allows no-fault divorces to be filed online and processed in as little as two weeks. In a no-fault divorce, both spouses are in agreement for divorce and neither blames the other for the breakdown of marriage.

The Cairns Law Offices provide a quick and easy alternative to lengthy divorce proceedings. Our firm can process a divorce, including legal fees and court costs for as little as $299.

If you are seeing a no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania, call our firm to see if our process is right for you.

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