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The stars from TLC's hit series "Sister Wives" finally reveal the real reason behind Meri's divorce from Kody in the season finale. In the previous episode, fans were in shock as Meri, Kody's only legal wife, sought out a divorce lawyer to discuss the possibility of filing for divorce.

Why was she separating from her husband? What will this mean to the "Sister Wives?" For two-weeks, fans were left wondering why Meri wanted a divorce, and the answer was revealed when "Sister Wives" returned with the airing of episode 10, "Divorce."

Robyn has three children from her previous marriage, and according to Meri, they have been wanting the kids to get adopted by Kody. "But to do that she'll need to have a legal marriage to Kody," said Meri.

The family resides in Nevada, where it is illegal to be married to more than one person at a time, which is why Meri decided to step down as Kody's first and legal wife, and to become his fourth spiritual wife.

Meri confessed that it is a little bit scary for her to do the divorce, and she reiterated that the entire purpose of the divorce was for the adoption of Robyn's kids.

Robyn's children allegedly have an "unhealthy relationship" with their biological father. Meri says that because polygamy is "looked down upon," as a "questionable choice of how to organize your family," she doubted that they would have been able to adopt Robyn's children.

Meri decided to surrender her title as Kody's legal wife, this way they could relinquish the fear of Robyn's children being "pulled away" from their family.

By all appearances, the divorce idea was all Meri's. She was the one to seek out a divorce attorney, and she is the one that sat Robyn and Kody down to propose the possibility of divorce so Robyn's children could be adopted by Kody.

"I was shocked," said Robyn. "It was huge to me. I love that woman."

The move is merely a legal maneuver, and Kody promised his other wives that nothing would change, and that he had no plans of riding off into the sunset with Robyn. "It's just procedural so that we can bring her kids in the family," he said.

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