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Ideally, during a divorce, a divorcing couple will reach a child custody agreement between each other, one that keeps the children’s bests interests in mind. But after the divorce, parents are supposed to work with each other and abide by the child custody agreement that they entered into, or that was ordered by a judge.

Sometimes, parents can have the best intentions when they agree on child custody. Or, they can have every intention of following a child custody agreement when a judge issues orders regarding custody and visitation. But, what if the child custody agreement is unrealistic or impractical? Or worse, what if one parent intentionally refuses to abide by the court order?

Child Custody Modifications

If the parents have good intentions and no ill will toward each other, and a child custody agreement is not working out, either parent can go back to court and ask for modification. But there’s another issue that also happens, and it’s where one parent is willfully refusing to follow the agreement.

Often, this means the custodial parent blocks the noncustodial parent from seeing their children during their court-ordered parenting time, but either parent can be guilty of violating a custody order.

Violating a Child Custody Order

“What if a parent violates a child custody order?” This is a good question indeed since it happens all too frequently. If either parent willfully disobeys a custody order and there is no reasonable explanation, it is possible for the court to hold that person in contempt of court.

In serious cases, the violator can even be charged with a crime, fined or jailed, or both. What’s more, a violator’s custody rights can be taken away if they have intentionally disobeyed a child custody order out of spite.

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