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For many parents, one of the hardest parts of divorce is dealing with child custody. Will we share custody? Will my kids live with my ex most of the time? Will I barely ever get to see them? Will they stop wanting to see me? Will it be hard for them to live in two separate households? These are common concerns of divorcing parents and reasonably so!

If you're comfortable with the divorce and don’t have any concerns or worries about your kids, that’s wonderful. But, if you’re like most parents who get a divorce, you do have things that you’re worried about. Perhaps you’re afraid of your relationship with your children weakening.

Perhaps you’re afraid that you won’t know how to make it work with your crazy schedule, or your kids’ school. To help you, we’re going to give some advice on how to make child custody easier.

Child Custody Tips from a Divorce Attorney

These tips are for parents who share custody or who both see their children frequently. If domestic violence is an issue, or if one of you will be living in another state, these tips won’t apply. But if you are planning on living in the same area, these should help!

  • If possible, live in the same school district. This makes school pickups and drop-offs much easier.
  • Be flexible with each other. If your former spouse needs you to take the kids so they can go on a job interview, work late, or do something else that’s very important, say “yes” to taking the kids and expect him or her to do the same. Think of it as bonus kid time!
  • Talk to your ex and agree on the same house rules so your children have consistency. If you’re on the same page about discipline, grades, screen time, bedtime, chores, curfews, etc., it will be a lot easier on you both.
  • If possible, avoid moving away from your kids. If you move across the state or out-of-state, it will most likely impact your relationship with your children. Believe us, plane tickets can get costly and it’s far easier to have a strong bond with your children when you get to see them regularly. FaceTime just isn’t the same as being there in person for your children.

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