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Unfortunately, quite a few marriages fall apart because of adultery. Whether it’s a one night stand or a full-blown affair, the effects are often the same. Once the innocent spouse learns about the cheating, they subsequently pull the plug on the marriage.

While some cheating spouses sit down with their husband or wife and admit the affair, that’s rare. More often than not, the cheating spouse leaves some kind of a digital trail and the innocent spouses unintentionally runs across the information, or they have their suspicions and they commence their own investigation.

Cellphones Can Be a Goldmine of Evidence

What does a spouse typically do when they suspect their husband or wife is cheating? They try to snoop on their spouse’s cellphone, but you probably knew that. Suspicious spouses will sneak onto their loved one’s cellphones when they’re asleep, in the shower, or steps away from their phone and distracted, and try to hack into their email and social media accounts looking for evidence of an affair.

Suspicious spouses will scroll through text messages looking for evidence, and what if the cellphone is protected by a password? That doesn’t always stop suspicious spouses. Often, they’ll try to “guess” their passwords to get into locked phones and they may do this for other accounts as well.

Is it Legal to Snoop on Your Spouse?

Can you hack into your spouse’s phone? No. Can you hack into their social media accounts and email to read their direct messages? Once again, no. You cannot hack into your spouse’s phone to read their texts or go into their social media accounts to read their direct messages. Why? Because, doing so could be violating state and federal privacy laws.

So, if you have all this evidence of an affair but you obtained it without your spouse’s permission, you could have broken the law to obtain it. You can however, look at your spouse’s “public” social media posts without consequence.

Even if your spouse cheated, don’t let that stop you from obtaining a no-fault divorce. At Cairns Law Offices, we specialize in affordable, low-cost divorces. Your spouse’s affair may be to blame for the divorce, but that’s no reason to put yourself through divorce litigation, which ultimately drains the marital estate, reducing the divorce settlement.

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If a no-fault divorce for just $299 sounds good to you, contact our Pennsylvania divorce law firm to schedule a confidential, free case evaluation.

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