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While each couple divorces for a different reason, infidelity and money probably are probably two of the most common reasons why people get divorced. If they aren’t the two leading causes of divorce, they’re certainly in the top 10.

Most men and women in the United States enter the institution of marriage believing their spouse will be 100% faithful. After all, American culture frowns upon adultery and it encourages that husbands and wives only be intimate with their spouses. Cultural beliefs aside, adultery is more common than we’d like to admit and it leads to the demise of thousands of marriages year after year.

What about you, do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? If so, here are six signs that a spouse is cheating:

1. They started coming home late. If your spouse used to come home for dinner or to help you put the kids to bed and they started staying late at work more and more, this could be a sign that they’re having dinner with someone else. If they keep disappearing for hours at a time where you can’t reach them, this could be a warning sign as well.

2. They are gone more on the weekends. Has your spouse started going out to bars or nightclubs with their friends on a regular basis on weekend nights? If you are not invited and this has become a habit – red flag alert!

3. They took up a new hobby. Sometimes a cheating spouse will claim to take up a new hobby that’s demanding a lot of their time. Ask if you can tag along. An innocent spouse will welcome the opportunity, while a guilty spouse will find reasons to talk you out of it.

4. They don’t want you doing their laundry. When a husband or wife suddenly doesn’t want their spouse doing their laundry any more, this could be a sign that they are afraid their spouse will find evidence of an affair.

5. They have a secret credit card. If you discover that your spouse has one or more secret credit cards and they are not business cards, this could mean they’re hiding transactions from you, such as those involving restaurants, hotels, and jewelry stores. If the statements are mailed to a P.O. Box or to a secret email address – those are red flags.

6. You’re not allowed to touch their phone. It’s normal for married couples to need access to each other’s phones from time-to-time. If your spouse won’t let you on their cellphone, take this as a sign that they might have something to hide.

At Cairns Law Offices, we specialize in cheap, no-fault divorces for just $299. If you discover that your spouse has been unfaithful and you want to use our services, you will have to set your differences aside for the purpose of achieving a no-fault divorce. Even if your spouse is in the wrong, the benefits of having a no-fault divorce are well worth it.

Contact us today for a cheap, no-fault divorce in Pennsylvania.

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